Back in Action [ COMIC ]

Maybe it would make more sense if I called him Vulcan?

Ahhh… It feels good to be back and creating comics for Dueling Analogs again. Special thanks to all the webcomic artists that contributed guest strips so that my lazy arse could take a much needed break. You guys rocked!!! And also thanks to everyone for being nice to the guest artists. They didn’t have to contribute, but it was awesome that they did.

I’ve got some neat ideas that I came up with during the down time that I intent to do. But I have learned in the past that if I say something is coming, people wait and it never comes to fruition. So right now, let’s just say that these ideas really exist and leave it at that. But be a little patient as I ramp operations back up, though it shouldn’t be too long before then.

And one last thing… “Thanks.” It really is because you guys keep coming back that I keep doing this. You rock!


  • Anony

    If you know Greek mythology, that’s a pretty damn good joke. Hephaestus < Aquaman (the Superfriends version)

  • The Anarchyz

    Lame in that sense is something similar to crippled… Not “uncool”… The joke is good though…

    • bidoopoo

      Hey if you really read the mythology stories Hephaestus also fits the other definition of lame. No one wanted a thing to do with him unless he was making them lightning bolts, or some weapon, or mechanical gewgaw.

      Imagine some of the parties Bacchus must’ve thrown, and poor Hephaestus only got a call if they needed him to fix the hot tub, or vibrating beds.

  • PorkRoll

    Actually, it’s the XBOX 360 that should be called Hephaestus considering he’s the god of fire and volcanoes.

  • Xoorgh

    Calling him Vulcan would certainly be more LOGICAL.

  • TheyCallMeTomu

    Okay, that joke was awesome. The metaness is perfect, and the fact that the end joke is not only a Greek Mythology reference, it’s also a biting commentary on the lack of education of one’s target audience-or, to put it more kindly, the mistargeting of comics considering one’s audience (you can look at it either way)-is just perfect. It took me half a second to get the joke, since I haven’t been up on my Greek Mythology as of late, but still.


  • Randomgamerdude

    AHAhahahahahahaha…eh…I don’t get it either.

  • rude

    welcome back to the internets!