Mario Lacrosse [ COMIC ]

Personally, I want to see Mario Cricket. Mainly because I have no clue how that game is played and it would be a nice learning experience.

I really want to thank David Herbert and Paul Salvi of Living With Insanity for today’s comic. And for totally understanding that my scatter-brain self completely misplaced it. I specifically asked David and Paul if they could contribute a comic after their previous awesome submission. So thanks a ton guys for today’s comic and the last panel is brilliant as well.

Oh, not sure what’s going on with all the guest strips? Then read this news post. It has been updated accordingly.


  • odderz

    I love Mario wearing Red Dungarees. Takes me back.

    Also, Cricket isn’t a touch game to play really, it has a lot of similarities to baseball, in a sense… But I suppose if I weren’t English it’d be a bit more mysterious… Like the difference between Rugby and American Football…

    • Neeeein

      That ain’t Cricket son. That be lacrosse! The great sport of Canada eh.

      • Undrave

        How about ‘Mario at the Commonwealth Games’? :p

        Cricket, crocket, rugby, yoshi-back polo, lacrosse, all sorts of British-empire goodness!

  • Newbonzy

    If not, he can always try fencing!

    • David Herbert

      That would be awesome, but you’d have to ignore most of the rules and make it sort of like a dramatic sword fight. With fire flower swords and koopa shell shields.

  • Kyree

    He’s been in every other sport, might as well let him do everything else.

  • David Herbert

    Thanks for posting this, and the link.

  • Ido

    Wait until Mario goes Jackass with lacross! XD

  • Morzikei

    Nice of the [Bowser] to invite us over for a [game of Lacrosse], hey Luigi?

  • Zar
  • Randomgamerdude

    Wait, why is bowser in a dress?
    And cricket is sorta like golf with a hammer.

    • bidoopoo

      Wait, you DON’T play golf with a hammer?

      Shit. My brother lied to me again.

      No wonder I get all the best tee times when I show up at the golf course with a bag full of golf balls and various sized hammers to play a round or two.

  • Reina Sweet

    I would disagree with the golf comparison completely.

    Cricket is closest to Baseball from a popular American sports standing. Except, you only have two bases which have been replaced with wickets. The field is all around you instead of just within a 90° opening (so, there really isn’t a “foul”). And when you run home, you can keep on running to gain more points.
    You get “out” by the enemy team messing up a wicket with the ball.

    A little bit more to it than that, but that’s the gist of it. Really, if anything it’s far less complex than baseball.

  • Daniel

    Hope Mario has some Canadians on his team.