Box Launch [ COMIC ]

Thank God for Hardcore Gamer Magazine! I was having a little trouble getting one of the characters poses for what would have been today’s comic. So instead I ran an updated version of the comic I did for the September issue of Hardcore Gamer Magazine. Thanks Tim, I appreciate it.

So, Legendary: The Box… let’s ignore the title as I really don’t care much for it. Now, the premise for the game is pretty cool though. You play the part of a famous art thief who is hired to steal what Pandora’s Box which is unknowing to him. Upon grabbing this mythical artifact you inadvertently released hell upon the world. You start off running and end up coming after the people that tricked you into stealing the box in the first place. Its still too early to know anything concrete about the gameplay, but since the story and visuals are all was have to go on, so far, I say its looks pretty cool. I still don’t like the name though.

Lastly, I posted this in the update information earlier, but I have a flickr account now. Basically, I’ll be posting the pictures I take at the conventions I attend. Of which the next convention will be NekoCon X November 2-4. And then no more conventions until ’08. Yay, relaxation. I don’t know how some of you guys do it.