Go visit ExtraLife!

ExtraLife done by Scott Johnson is more than just a gaming webcomic. Its a webcomic about geek stuff. Whether that stuff is movies, music, comics, popular culture, topical humor or gaming ExtraLife hits it all… but mainly its a gaming webcomic. Regardless of what topic is tackled ExtraLife is and has been for years one of my favorite webcomics. Once again, go visit ExtraLife!

Scott also hosts the very popular podcast ExtraLife Radio with regular guests like Brian Dunaway, Andrew Koneisky and Obsidian. Its a fun listen, but its best live. That way you get the interactive message board and get to see the cast of characters via the web cam as well. Scott and I have talked on numerous occasions about me getting interviewed on the show, but alas it has still yet to happen… one day though.

Lastly, after you’re done playing with your Wii on Christmas, make sure to stop by for a brand new strip.