Slim Chanced [ COMIC ]

So is the PS3 Slim slower that the Playstation 3 phat? Well, not sure. There’s some videos circulating around the net comparing the two together versions. In some cases the older model is faster than the Slim, in some cases the two are neck and neck, and in some cases the Slim is the clear victor over the Phat.

What does this mean? No friggin’ clue.

As I previously mentioned, I already have a Playstation 3 that I am perfectly happy with. And if we’re only talking about the possibility of shaving a few seconds of load time off here and there, I’m fine with what I have. Hell, even if you’re talking about no load time I still don’t think it’s worth it when I already have a perfectly good system… probably. Hell, ask me again if my Playstation 3 ever gets the Sony equivalent to the Red Ring of Death. Not even sure what that would be called.

And as always, I’d love to hear your takes on this situation.


  • A.L.

    Not sure since I don’t own a PS3 yet,but I could care less.I just want one (either the slim or an old one that still plays PS2 games) so I can play the copy of BlazBlue Limited Ed. that I almost sold my soul for to acquire.

  • TuxRug

    My theory is that it just has a few slightly slower components, while some other components were upgraded to compensate.

  • One thing that I was thinking was that just because something is supposed to be the same, doesn’t mean it’s the same quality. Like one 200gig hard drive created by one company might not run as well as one built by another. Maybe they used some lower quality parts to help bring the price down.

  • Gatesunder

    Does the slim heat up faster or more easily than the phat or does it maintain a higher average core temp . . . if so, then I think that could contribute to the slowing . . . That, or different components are the only possible explanations for performance differences if I’m not mistaken . . .

  • Canuck

    Red Ring of Death? Sounds like a rotten anus…

  • The Anarchyz

    People say the equivalent of the RROD is the YLOD (Yellow Light of Death) but the PS3 failure rate is still below 10% so the name is still not popular, and i prefer that over having a popular failure like the RROD or E74 (40% failure rate is beyond too much, although MS is accustomed to that rate XD XD)…

  • MH

    I was going to suggest bottlenecks, but then I checked out the videos. They’re actually trying to compare speeds based on GAME LOAD TIMES!? Oh please.

    There are a million things that change per system and per game when a game is being loaded. Game records, player data, restoring saves… then the system might be connected to the Internet and call home during the startup. Or just tell Sony ‘Hey! Hey mister! Hey! Hey! He’s playing MGS!’. What about the HDDs ? Are they the same? Are they reading from the same *part* of the HDD?

    You may very well get these kinds of differences with just two regular PS3s or two different Slim individuals. Not that I’m saying that the hardware isn’t suboptimal, just that you need actual benchmark tests to prove anything one way or the other. These videos are more “Look at mee! I want to buz on the interner but only have a webcam to point at my small tv. I know its small but my mom says that size dusnt matter :(“

  • gelugon2105

    The Slim is just nascent, so I believe that we still need more time with it before we can come to any conclusions over comparisons with its bulkier predecessor. Sure, there are people who play-test many previously released games on the Slim versus the original PS3, but again, this cannot account for matters like possible wear and tear.

    As the Slim accepts physical media like Blu-ray discs and such like its predecessor, the smaller size is a cause of concern for me. While I have no doubt Sony engineers very good and reliable (but ultimately very expensive) products, the smaller size suggests much less space for redundant parts, especially vibration isolators.

  • gelugon2105

    Also, some features that the original has are not apparent in the Slim, such as the option to install third-party stuff like Linux (but I cannot fathom why anyone would use the PS3 for Linux work – unless that person can afford a PS3 more than he/she can afford a PC that can just run Linux, which is, again, improbable).

    Still, the Slim does have a more efficient Cell processor, runs quieter and cooler. Most importantly, it appears to have a relatively lower retail price and it appears to have fewer parts too, suggesting much simpler supply chains, so Sony’s manufacturing wing and its partners would be quite happy with that.

    P.S. “Redundant” does not mean “unnecessary.”

  • tayker

    “Though Xbox 360 failure rates are abysmal, Thickbroom noted that more PS3s have been appearing in his workshop. His gloomy prognosis? It comes down to how much you play it.”

    From Joystiq:

  • Uejji

    Running Linux on the PS3 is a great way to access the Cell processor for supercomputer calculation software. The Cell is a beast when it’s tapped into, and if a piece of software is not Cell-optimized, it only uses the powerpc core and the performance is mediocre. So if you’re interested in the raw power of the Cell and have the means to create (or have someone create for you) software which can access the SPEs of the Cell in Linux, then a $300 80GB PS3 fat is the most bang for your buck supercomputer on the market.

  • Maurice

    Not sure if anyone here has seen this, but
    A testament to the stupidity of Halo Lovers…. but enough about the FailBox 360.

    I don’t think the slim is being pushed for people who already have PS3’s, especially people with fully backward compatible ones. I think this is an attempt to catch up to the other units sales. n. Albeit, this isn’t the greatest economical time for such a play, it is a great deal on a good system, that’s only getting better with age and games. That said, there will be people who do turn in their old system of a new skinny version. Go Go Sony!

  • Cgoodno


    Wake me when you do a comic that isn’t on the anti-PS3 bandwagon. I mean, don’t get me wrong, there are problems, but there are problems with ALL consoles. Your comics just haven’t been showing this and instead have been pretty pointed in their direction.

  • @Cgoodno Comics joke on the situation. The news post is where the thoughts and discussion actually begins.

  • Cgoodno

    @Steve: Your comics speak louder than anything, and that’s where I have my issue. It’s a gimmick that you just comment your way out of the joke you made, but there’s no backsliding from it. It’s not just you, though, it’s pretty much everyone who takes the easy route with ridiculing Sony today. It’s like fart jokes, easy but crude nowadays, especially when people go out of their way to find something to ‘joke’ about regarding progress made by Sony, or to fart about I guess.

  • DittoToo

    I think that when my PS3 phat goes out I’ll just upgrade my PC. Which I guess means I should stop buying things off the PSN.

  • phase4

    Based on the Kotaku article and links, it looks like load times for videos/dvd is slightly slower, but load times for games is slightly faster.

    In the end I don’t think it affects much.

  • Lax

    It’s not surprising that the PS3 slim will abandon all previous console games for the sake of the those of its own. The original PS3 couldn’t play many PS2 games to begin with, so it was obvious from the start

  • Ry

    @Cgoodno. Not trying to feed or fan the flames, but the joke is a good one for a chuckle regardless of the system being used. The slim JUST came out, and there are stupid tests that people are doing to invent new things to complain about and get attention. The comic is usually based on current events, which I love. If it was the 360 who made a slim and had these ridiculous tests, do you think that the comic would not be made the same way? I hope to hell that the last panel of every comic does not have to include the text “This is a joke based on current controversy. The PS3 is in no way dumb and is equal to, but not better than all game systems in every way. We apologize for any harm or inconvenience suffered from the reading of this comic and would like to convince you that the author has no opinion, humorous or not, regarding anything mentioned in the previous panels.”

    I own all systems and don’t prefer any. I’m not defending any company, but I do wish to defend Steve’s right to produce a comic and not have to retract it because someone out there may not agree or might take a general joke personally.

  • Vercalos

    I personally think that the lack of PS2 compatibility was a mistake. I’d rather spend an extra $100 on a system that can play it than spend $100 on a separate system.

  • insanity202

    I lol’d so much at this page. The comic made me laugh and to learn that there is people who waste there time speed testing different ps3’s made me laugh even more. If i had a ps3 i would just play on it and not care if it loaded faster that older models. :P

  • David

    The PS3 equivalent of the Red Ring of Death is simple, its the Green Ring of Death. If your XBOX 360 displays a green ring your PS3 wont even boot-up. =P

  • @David Nice :)

  • CC

    @The Anarchyz hey at 40% I’d say its one of the lowest failure rates for microsoft products in general

    @Lax the original PS3 couldn’t play many PS2 games? My PS3 was from the first batch and it plays all of my 300+ PS2 games with no problem at all.

    @Steve you sure do make a lot of jokes about Sony but they are always funny, and I’m sure people in Sony read your comics every so often and even get a laugh out of them too.

    As for he backwards compatibility drop I think its more or less to try and push the last of the PS2 slims out the door also since that is only $100

  • I always thought the PS3’s equivilent of the RROD was the “Clinicaly Ill Disk Drive” basicly when you PS3’s disk drive just stops working and you either have to get it fixed or you have to get a new PS3. It happened twice to me within a year, fortunatly I was able to get it replaced both times and the last time I ended up getting what amounted to a free HD upgrade, so not all bad.

    The PS3 slims dropping of backwards compatibility doesn’t really bother me as about 99% of the PS3’s sold in the UK aren’t backwards compatible anyway. Which actualy really sucked, as the main reason I got it when I did was so I could play PS2 games on the new TV.

    Some days it’s hard to be a Sony fanboy.