Slim Chanced [ COMIC ]

So is the PS3 Slim slower that the Playstation 3 phat? Well, not sure. There’s some videos circulating around the net comparing the two together versions. In some cases the older model is faster than the Slim, in some cases the two are neck and neck, and in some cases the Slim is the clear victor over the Phat.

What does this mean? No friggin’ clue.

As I previously mentioned, I already have a Playstation 3 that I am perfectly happy with. And if we’re only talking about the possibility of shaving a few seconds of load time off here and there, I’m fine with what I have. Hell, even if you’re talking about no load time I still don’t think it’s worth it when I already have a perfectly good system… probably. Hell, ask me again if my Playstation 3 ever gets the Sony equivalent to the Red Ring of Death. Not even sure what that would be called.

And as always, I’d love to hear your takes on this situation.