The Anticipation Is Killing Me [ COMIC ]

So I’m watching Adult Swim last night when this commercial comes ups. I’m not really paying attention to it until I see the screen that says: “The Most Anticipated Game of 2010.” I think to myself, “Oh, that must of been a cut scene from the Terrans…” believing it was a commercial for StarCraft II. You know: the most anticipated game of 2010. And then the next screen says: “Halo: Reach” and I’m thinking to myself, “Really? Halo: Reach is the most anticipated game of 2010. Not that little indie title StarCraft II or that import title Final Fantasy XIII that the some of the cool kids have been talking about?” Maybe they only polled people working at Microsoft or the readers of Hawty McBloggy. But as far as I know myself, my friends, a major chunk of the gaming populous and South Korea are concerned, StarCraft II is clear victor of that title.

Oh, well… Check out the commercial in question after the fold. And don’t forget to voice your opinion in the comment section on the matter as well.