The Anticipation Is Killing Me [ COMIC ]

So I’m watching Adult Swim last night when this commercial comes ups. I’m not really paying attention to it until I see the screen that says: “The Most Anticipated Game of 2010.” I think to myself, “Oh, that must of been a cut scene from the Terrans…” believing it was a commercial for StarCraft II. You know: the most anticipated game of 2010. And then the next screen says: “Halo: Reach” and I’m thinking to myself, “Really? Halo: Reach is the most anticipated game of 2010. Not that little indie title StarCraft II or that import title Final Fantasy XIII that the some of the cool kids have been talking about?” Maybe they only polled people working at Microsoft or the readers of Hawty McBloggy. But as far as I know myself, my friends, a major chunk of the gaming populous and South Korea are concerned, StarCraft II is clear victor of that title.

Oh, well… Check out the commercial in question after the fold. And don’t forget to voice your opinion in the comment section on the matter as well.


  • Thunderclaw

    Wow. StarCraft II is the clear winner. There is no greater game in 2010, nor will be.

    • You do know that some day some random person will be saying that exact same thing about Startcraft III or something? Just a thought…
      Besides, greater is not true. What would you say if a new console came out that allowed you to play any game for free? Cuz I have resources that could make one of those…no joke! It’s a simple matter of hacking a Wii, Xbox, PS3, and mashing them together…

    • Nentuaby

      Er, well, yes. Among Gamers SCII is the massive, massive victor in those terms. You have to remember, though, capital-G Gamers are a minority of “people who spend some of their entertainment budget on games.” Halo is huge among demographics that don’t know StarCraft from Star Trek.

      • Yeah, but people who aren’t gamers aren’t sitting around going, “Buffy, dear. Did you hear that Halo: Reach is coming out this year?” “Of course, Worthington. It is of course the most of the most anticipated game of the year.” No the people who aren’t gamers aren’t playing games or don’t live in South Korea.

        • Nentuaby

          I’m not talking about Popcap-buying casuals, here. There’s a whole demographic of people who are real gamers, but not culturally Gamers. They purchase a few games a year for one console -*not* a PC, because of the required technical knowledge, which lets SCII right out for them. They do so on the recommendation of a mainstream entertainment magazine that has one or two pages of Electronic Games between This Month’s Albums and Out This Month on DVD, a mainstream (NOT Gaming) entertainment blog that does the same, or even a TV commercial.

          These people are a HUGE segment. Not as big as the PopCap Crowd, and not nearly as lucrative *per head* as capital-Gs, but still a deep market for the few console franchises with broad mainstream penetration. They *do* anticipate sequels once a first game has penetrated their consciousness. Aside from the sports franchises that come out every year like clockwork, the major console shooter franchises are the main blips on that segment’s radar.

          Anecdotally, about half the young males I’m related to, and half the guys I went to college with, are this group; about a quarter are non-gamers and another quarter are culturally inculcated Gamers. Data isn’t the plural of anecdote, but I know the statistics are at least similar enough that the marketing guy’s I’ve heard talking about segments cream their pants over that one.

          So, yeah, I stand by my assertion that the silent majority probably is anticipating The Next Halo more than even the kingliest of PC franchises, no matter how much the vocal segment you actually hear trading gaming gossip may favor SCII.

    • awesomeman

      are you retarded, Halo:Reach is going to blow little puny StarCraft 2 out of the water, even the beta for it is better than both of the starcraft games multiplied by each other.

      • OhMyGodImOnFire

        Hahah, nice one troll.

  • Only people born after the 1st Starcraft was released actually think Halo Reach is the most antecipated title of 2010. Seriously.

    That’s not saying that Reach isn’t gonna be a good game, though. It’s just… Starcraft 2, man. STARCRAFT TWO! STARCRAFT THE SECOND!

    Yep, Microsoft is either playing us for fools, or… nah, they’re playing us for fools.

    • Luca

      I played the first Starcraft through a couple times, consider myself a capital G Gamer… and I’m more excited for Reach. I really don’t care much about Starcraft II in all honesty. I’m just not big on RTS games. Shooters are a lot easier to pick up and play.

      • Fair enough. But you must admit that the sequel to a game that came out over a decade earlier, that is still played and adored by millions of fans world wide and that changed the way RTSs are played or another sequel to a popular franchise that just released it’s previous installment only a year prior… which one do you think is more anticipated?

        • Miles Tormani

          Keep something in mind. While Starcraft is easily one of the best games ever, it’s an RTS. Among gamers, RTS is a niche. The learning curve is very steep for those games, and many players are turned off the first time they go online, try to build their army, and then get Zerg Rushed to oblivion.

          You think those people are excited AT ALL about Starcraft II? I don’t. Especially not if they don’t have PCs that can run the bloody thing anyway.

          On the other hand, first person shooters have a bit more of a pick up and play appeal to them, especially Halo. As a console game, it has the immediate appeal of only requiring the console, controller, and television. Furthermore, with a standardized controller that fits neatly in a user’s hands, one doesn’t have to worry about if their desk (or other such room space) accommodates it.

          Also, a lot more of us want to be badass action heroes in power armor than the armchair general who directs the badass action heroes in power armor around.

        • HunterX57

          You have to remember that although RTS and learning curves and w/e. Starcraft II is one of the games in this world that it’s “Single player” and “Standard/league multiplayer” is the SMALLEST draw to the games selling point. The Blizzard map editor that has been making completely new games since Starcraft 1, and the 3D+ hero system making it so much more amazing in Warcraft 3, has officially had every limitation in it annihilated. People are making side-scrollers, board games, remakes of all the Classic UMS and Custom maps of War3 and SC:BW in SCII. Yes SCII is RTS, but even just a week after it’s release you have Hero PvP, Tower Defenses, Golems, Zombie survival, Parasite, Nexus Wars, 2 DotA/AoS style maps, Special Forces, Chess, etc, etc, etc. And this is just a week after release, the maps made during the beta.

          Buying Starcraft II is like buying a 1000 games for the price of 1. And yeah, if you happen to like RTS, SCII is fucking amazing compared to the gameplay of the old one, but 10 years of advanced technology will do that to a game.

          Do you see a North-America wide futureshops open at midnight to sell Halo release? I sure don’t.

        • Miles Tormani

          I’m going to assume that HunterX37 is responding to me with the “1000 games in one” comment. Hopefully this comment goes in the right place.

          Anyway, keep in mind, that same argument can be said (to an extent) for Halo 3. Hell, a couple of weeks ago I was playing a Pac-Man based map. Another time I did the Clay Shooting game from Duck Hunt. Let’s also not forget Grifball.

          The claim that Starcraft II can be used to make any game still falls flat when you consider the niche appeal caused by hardware requirements. Moreso, even. For example, Defense of the Ancients is much harder on your computer than Warcraft 3. My old computer could run Warcraft 3 okay, but when DotA was being played, the amount of resources being used lagged it to hell. Now, while it is true that I could make a third person shooter out of Starcraft II’s engine, imagine how much harder that is on an already relatively high hardware expectation.

          Meanwhile, no matter how many different crazy things people have made in Halo, the requirement is still one Xbox, one TV, and one controller. So even when variety in game types is brought up, Halo is the more accessible game. Especially since the map editor is widely regarded as one of the most user-friendly in the industry, often considered second only to LittleBigPlanet. One of Reach’s goals is to exceed that and make Forge better than ever.

          Also, what the fuck are you talking about with North American stores not having midnight releases of Halo? They are.

      • DR_MORELOS

        HOW OLD ARE YOU?? my lit bro knows that SC2 is more that press the botton to kill some aliens and thats the basic for a good game

    • Devin
    • PiGuy314

      I was around when Starcraft came out, and kept playing the C&C series because I thought its balance and game play were better, not to mention better story telling (all obviously opinion based), so frankly I could care less about Starcraft II. I am not saying Blizzard doesn’t take their time to put out a good game (I challenge anyone to point out a single one that is objectively bad), I am just saying that most of the excitement comes from people who were fanboys (and yes fangirls) of Warcraft II.

      As far as a new Halo game? Pick up any first/third person shooter that has come out in the last generation and you will see roughly the same thing. Washed out grays and browns, similar if not the same weapons, blood splatter on the screen, and a wall cover system that still feels less natural/effective than running in guns blazing.

      Personally, anything with that much hype I am going to wait to play before I buy. The Metroid series alone should be evidence enough that fans will love anything you throw at them is they are dedicated enough. Both games will probably be good, but not as good as the masses scream back and forth over the forum posts.

      You want to know what the most highly anticipated game is? I can tell you but first you need to tell me your favorite game of all time. The sequel to that is the most anticipate game, and nothing anyone ever says will change that fact. For me, it’s Mutant League. If AE and Midaway ever settle their issues (not going to happen) and go so far as to even make a remake of those Sega Genesis games I will buy enough consoles to system link all of my friends.

  • Symar

    Wow. That commercial blows by real fast.
    If I had no idea what Halo was, I’d still have no idea what Halo was.

  • Liquid

    LOL are all Halo fans even excited about the new Halo? After the 4 shooters and the RTS you’d think those people would move on.

  • Chareon

    While a way bigger PC fan than Console Fan, and way more biased towards Starcraft than Halo, I would like to point out that (according to Wiki at least) the Halo series has sold some 34 million copies, while Starcraft sits around 11 million. True, Halo’s are spread out over the entire series of games rather than just the original Starcraft, the numbers do point to Halo having more influence though from a pure numbers side. That said, Starcraft has a way bigger hardcore fanbase in my opinion. (Also, Starcraft ftw).

    • TheState

      If you’re looking at a purely numbers standpoint, you have to consider that the halo franchise A: has had four FPS titles and one RTS title to spread that money around, with most people who buy one also buying at least one other (meaning that the income is not indicative of the actual fanbase size), and B: had an initial price tag at least ten dollars higher than Starcraft’s. Now, Starcraft did have an expansion, which I believe sold for half the price of the original when it first came out, and it has had many MANY more years to percolate and collect cash (and when the Battlechest cost $40 for better than half a decade, I’m sure it did). You also have to consider that Starcraft is infinitely easier to pirate and illegally play, which will skew the numbers in Halo’s favor. Just because you didn’t pay for it doesn’t mean that you aren’t anticipating the sequel. You also have to consider that Starcraft really isn’t a stand-alone title. Lastly, you should factor in the fans of the Warcraft series and fans of Blizzard in general (I would mostly exclude WoW in this case, since it’s a slightly different demographic).

      All in all, I would say that Starcraft has had far more impact on gaming, and as such is a more celebrated and anticipated title for sequelage.

  • Flake

    Let us pretend for a moment that StarCraft II has not been released yet. Actually, let’s pretend it doesn’t exist for the sake of my argument. I am fairly sure that if you were to poll a fair group of gamers you would find that even still, Halo: Reach isn’t the most anticipated release of the year. Has Microsoft so easily forgotten this fall’s pending Fallout: New Vegas release? It would appear they are buying out enough media to sure as hell try and make the gaming community forget. Nice try, Microsoft, next time, save your money.

    I do find it funny that the commercial came on as I began typing this message.

    I agree with BigLord, gamers born after the first StarCraft’s reign probably don’t understand the now retro wonders of that original release. Why should they care about the sequel? I mean, you know, other than it’s stand-alone bad-assery…

  • TK64

    I think perhaps it was more of an opinionated advertisement idea. Like they can say “It’s the most anticipated game of the year!” if it’s the most anticipated game of the year… for them. Word choices, my friends. It’s how advertisement works

    • Samhain

      ^This. Completely, this. If it turned out that no one, not a single Gamer, bought Reach, and they all started to point out that Microsoft failed horribly, MS can just come out and say “Word choice, yo,” call those mocking them ignorant for not seeing the ambiguity of the advertising, and -appear- to come out ahead.

      Hell, I think they’re just arrogant enough to insult their audience like that if that’s how it plays out (get it?).

  • Dream-State’s Author

    I think it comes down to the fact that Halo Reach was announced earlier this year/ late last year. Really, Starcraft II is one of the most anticipated games of 2010 AND 2009. And 2008. And 2007. And… need I continue? It’s really just the most anticipated game of the decade.

  • Triaxx

    I… played Starcraft. I wasn’t enchanted beyond all belief. I wasn’t amazed and mystified at the endless depths of strategy.

    If anything I was annoyed by it. Where’s my Navy? There’s water on this planet, why the hell don’t I have ships? Two ships are my airforce? The Science Vessel doesn’t count because it doesn’t have GUNS. Doesn’t matter that the Valkyrie and Yamato exist. I never see them in combat because I either get Reaver/Lurker dropped, or Zergling/Zealot/Marine rushed. Each side had perhaps a dozen units that were useful as combatants and not just in the way of the actual fighting.

    Sure, it was fun on the small scale, but for anything where I wanted a battle that lasted longer than five or ten minutes, I had to go to other games, like Total Annihilation, where you might actually see higher level units doing something than a hopeless last stand against waves of lesser units. Not often, but occasionally.

    And so no, I’m not at all excited about Starcraft 2. Another dozen units for each side, which will be completely ignored for mass Zergling/Zealot/Marine rushes.

    • Josh

      Except it’s a 10 year old game. If they did put that stuff in then people would be saying “BUT CAN IT RUN STRCRAFT?” about every pc anyone ever talked about.

      • raculot

        Total Annihilation had all those things and is a 13 year old game.

        • OhMyGodImOnFire

          Total Annihilation doesn’t have channels in Korea broadcasting matches of it, nor is it a nationally endorsed pastime, nor does it have its sequel’s logo plastered on the side of a Boeing jet. C’mon now, if you’re going to argue that other RTS’s have the same elements as Starcraft, you’ve only hit the tip of the iceberg – Warcraft 3, Command and Conquer, Age of Empires, the list goes on and on. But none of these other games made as big an impact on the gaming world as Starcraft did, which means that Blizzard obviously did something right.

    • TheState

      I agree with you pretty much 100%, and would not say that I was awaiting SC2 with bated breath. I practically hated Starcraft. I liked the story to an extent, but the gameplay just pissed me off. Thing is, I put probably two or three years of my life into the user-generated maps and game modes. Even if the core game was shite, they gave you the ability to make something else out of it.

      Sure, it was formulaic, and insultingly simple, even for its time. The only thing it really added to the RTS arena was accessible online matchmaking (which Total Annihilation still did better during the three months or so that Boneyards was around). But when you put it up against one of the blandest, most over-rated FPS games of all time, then I’m much more excited for SC2. At least that has the potential for interesting and fun user-made maps and game modes and a story I’d be willing to cheat through the game to be able to see.

      Too bad the story turned out to be mostly cliche garbage full of nothing but catchphrases and one-liners instead of dialog.

  • Mirage_GSM

    Admittedly I don’t own a X-Box, but I hadn’t even heard of Halo Reach before this.
    I think with WoW Cataclysm there might be another title to approach SCII’s exalted throne as most anticipated game of 2010.
    Also there’s Civilization 5, FF XIV and Lego Universe, which all would beat Halo in my book ;-)

  • “Halo Reach… Probably the best beer in the world. Uh, I mean, game.”

  • Star what? Huh?


  • Thank you. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought that.

  • Ido

    Thought the Halo franchise should had stop at Halo 2.. now there’re even more absurdities.

  • Bushido

    HALO: Reach, really? Aside from Starcraft II with a million copies sold in the first day, I can think of several games of 2010 that were/are more anticipated than the latest HALO retread. Mass Effect 2, Bioshock 2, God of War III, Goldeneye 007 (Wii remake), Metroid: Other M, even potentially Zelda: Skyward Sword (no release date yet).

    • awesomeman

      skyward sword comes out next year, as does golden eye

      • Freakality

        Goldeneye 007 comes out on November 2th, 2010… so no, not next year, and about StarCraft II and Halo: Reach… well… I just don’t care about either, so…

  • dukemeiser

    Played StarCraft 1….meh. So I guess you would be wrong. I intend on picking up StarCraft 2 someday, but not now. On the other hand, I pre-ordered Reach back in May when the beta came out. Of course nobody will agree on this forum since you kinda need a peecee to read this forum.

    • Dream-State’s Author

      Wow. I was wondering why this seemed one sided. Now it all makes sense… XD

    • Don’t most people have a PC or a Mac (personally that’s what I own)? Odds are if you’re on the internet you are doing so via a home computer. So, through what conduit did you type your comment, dare I ask?

      • Dream-State’s Author

        He could be posting it through his Wii. XD

        • Dream-State’s Author

          (I am joking)

      • I’m also using a Mac. But your comic targets gamers. Gamers who need a computer to view the comic. So everyone on this forum (ignoring hardware limits) has the ability to play StarCraft on their machine. Halo fans are also gamers, but don’t necessarily own a computer, or are not necessarily PC gamers. Therefore in order to read this forum and prefer Halo over Starcraft, you would need an Xbox owner who owns a computer who reads this comic who doesn’t like Starcraft. As you can see the odds are heavily favored for Starcraft. My friends and I all like Halo, but I can’t think of any of them who have bought Starcraft 2.

  • thundercraker

    like or hate it. FFXIII was also among the most expected games of 2010.

    And yes, 4 RTS and +1 is very boring. I mean Halo 1/2/3 was/were a/() great game/s but Reach? REACH?

  • HeX

    HALO? Starcraft? Meh. Phooey to both of them. Dead Space 2 is what I want!

  • Newbonzy

    Yeah, but what new does it bring to the table? New guns, graphics, or a party of halo fanboys in one place. don’t get me wrong – halo’s a fine game, but starcraft 2 has been WAAAY more anticipated.

  • Some Bob

    The fun thing about claims like this is that you can make it say whatever you want, if you pick and choose.

    Best selling franchise? Probably Madden or Cabella’s big game hunter or something like that.

    Largest player base? Minesweeper and solitaire.

    Most anticipated, in terms of time? Duke Nukem Forever.

    None of these are really metrics of ‘games worth my $50.’

    Anyways, a question. I know Starcraft gave us memes such as ‘Zerg rush kekekeke.’ What impact has Halo given us? Was Halo the first game where teabagging was common, or was there something earlier?

    • Well…

      Best Selling Video Game Franchise: Mario (+200 games and 222 million games sold)

      Largest Player Base: Snake (+1 billion people over the years according to World Records 2010 Gamer’s Edition)

      Most Anticipated Game Ever: Dragon Quest III (Regardless of the validity of the Japanese law, this game’s vast appeal in Japan to transcend the masses is mind boggling.)

      • The Anarchyz

        Really? Snake? i thought that the major fanbase was in Tetris or Pac-Man…

        About SCII vs Halo:Reach, it’s very simple, Halo is MS’s flagship game on the Xbox, and a real cash-cow, they’re doing their obvious badass marketing about this game, making up things like “most anticipated game of 2010″… And this will continue to happen no matter what game is obviously the winner, if a Halo title comes out in 2011, Microsoft will do that again even when Zelda: Skyward Sword, Kid Icarus: Uprising and other games are more anticipated…

      • The Anarchyz

        BTW, the J-law thing is a myth, Enix themselves did the change, but it’s true, it’s really incredible seeing the DQ effect in Japan…

    • Eazeh

      In which other games that involve PvP have you been able to duck and/or crouch?
      Pretty much all of them, that I can remember.

  • Jimmy T

    I don’t agree with Star Craft being the most anticipated at all. Especially not more than Halo Reach. The Beta alone was the the most played game on Xbox Live at one point.

    Besides that, I thought the PS3 in the comic was going to say “Star Wars The Old Republic”.

    • Miles Tormani

      Funnily enough, I did too.

  • Catalyst

    Ah, but that’s the edited, shortened version of the commercial.
    The full one reads “The Most Anticipated Game of 2010 among sophomoric boys who play Xbox between drinking deadly amounts of beer at frat parties and popping their collars. Why is it the most anticipated? Well, it’s the only game on the market, duh. HALOZ RULZ”.

    • Tery153

      Okay, for one, should I stereotype RTS players as hopeless nerds in lightless basements with bags full of cheetohs, watching as they command an empire only to complain about cheap players who zerg rush, or each games equivalent? We are gamers, let us celebrate that which is gaming and forget about what each company says. Just as each person has an opinion about the quality of a piece of artwork, so too does everyone as to what is a great game.

      We are gamers, and games are our way of making life more enjoyable. Don’t mess it up with pointless opinionated competition.

  • TechXero

    Meh different people have different tastes, some don’t have the patience for a RTS and some feel that FPSs are way too short. I like both Halo and Starcraft, and I’m way more excited for Starcraft II than Reach, especially after the Starcraft Ghost crap, but I’ll still spend a few days hiding in my house playing Reach when it comes out.

  • Athenis

    Just an FYI, going to the main page on your site is redirecting the page to somewhere else that looks like it’s trying to download something and the status bar says

    • The javascript for the ads on the site are from It has to load that external code to display them. It goes away after a few seconds.

  • Drake

    Wait, there’s going to be another Halo FPS?

    …and in hindsight, I think that says enough about how anticipated that game is in the places I move around.

    Anyway, personally, I don’t even particularly like Starcraft, likely won’t be playing II, but I still was fairly curious about the whole thing, because it’s after all, a massive title and sequel of a game for which fans have been clamoring for what, ten years? You can’t really anticipate a game more than that – because each Korean tourney-crazyman anticipates enough for three people, plus all the less insane people that loved the first one and have been starving for a second. The people playing Halo can’t probably compare to the kind of sheer ravenous *hunger* Starcraft fans have.

  • randomthinker

    personally i’ve played starcraft 1 liked it but will probably won’t get sc2 until its fully available by which i mean all three campaigns instead of buying one segment at a time (as you can no doubt tell by this post i don’t like the current release method blizzard did for sc2) as far as halo:reach goes… meh i’m not gonna bother with it doesn’t sound interesting. to be honest neither of these games are on my list of anticipated games for this year (for the reasons stated earlier in this post) my most anticipated game doesn’t even come out this year(brink) though my second most anticipated does (AC3:brotherhood)

    • HunterX57

      The reason SCII is being released in 3 parts is simply the game is too big. There’s 29 (counting the 3 missions you make a choice and do one of 2 missions based on that choice) missions in campaign mode. This is pretty much equivilant to the entire 3 race campaign of Starcraft 1, except it’s just the Terran Campaign. SCII with just 1 of 3 campaigns takes up about 20 gb of space on a computer. If they released all 3 campaigns at once, the game would take forever to install.

      Imagine if WoW released Burning Crusade AND WotLK at the same time as the original release. You’d be spending 4 days just installing the game and patching it to have all the lvl 80 content at the beggining of your first time playing the game.

      Plus in releasing the game in 3 parts it allows Blizzard to do a massive balance test on a scale way larger than their closed beta, and gives them the ability to make unit additions and balances like they did with Brood War. When all the versions are released, the game will be more balanced, and there’ll be like 30 hours worth of missions in the campaign mode altogether. (I’m ballparking, as there is an achievement for beating the Terran campaign in under 8 hours, although you can skip about 6 missions, plus the secret mission, and the 3 variation missions as I don’t think the Protoss side missions are ‘necessary’ rather just helpful for the bonuses you get from them)

      • Riaayo

        Didn’t they announce the 3-part thing a bit after their awesome merger with Activision; the guys that love money more than themselves? ;P Install space/time has nothing to do with it. I’m sure being able to get more money out of people ways the main reason, however if you want to look beyond that… The likely reason would be that they wanted to get the game out of the door, and decided to just focus on one campaign at a time so they didn’t have to wait for them all to be done. You could argue I guess that they wanted more time to playtest the maps to see if they were fun etc, but I would more quickly believe they just wanted more money and it made it easier to shove out the door faster. But… I’m pretty meh about gaming corporations in general, the guys with the money aren’t in touch and the guys that are in touch don’t get to do what they want because it’s too risky to the guys funding them.

        • Zagra

          Yeah, I guess that one of the main reasons for releasing it in 3 parts was money, but I don’t think it really matters that much, not with WoW having over 11 million suscriptors. It’s just that they had us waiting 12 years, had they made the 3 campaigns in one… well… who knows how more years it would’ve taken. I mean, they announced Starcraft 2 in april 2007 and released in july 2010.

  • Zagra

    Well, I don’t really get why people actually anticipate Halo games, they never enhance graphics, or the video cut scenes. They just throw in a couple new guns and armor and rip off a couple Starcraft campaigns for their story. I mean, it’s not like anyone doubted where they got the Elites with their energy swords (ahem, Zealots). And most of the story of Halo is Starcraft slightly changed. I mean, it’s these human coalition UNSC/Confederacy which suddenly fins this superior aliens burning their backwater worlds, Covenant/Conclave(Protoss) and fight them with genetically enhance superwarriors, Spartans/Ghosts. Then, lots of nonimportant story goes on and suddenly the nighmarish Flood/Zerg appear and are revealed to be the ancient enemies of the Covenant. And well, Master Chief/Jim Raynor saves the day, yada yada. But well, it was an amazing title. I remember playing it, the multiplayer I mean, until 3 am. But well, then came might Halo 2. Here we find a disgraces Elite branded traitor, the Arbiter/Tassadar, by the ruling caste, the Prophets/Judicators. And well, mor shit happens and the Arbiter realizes the Prophets are leading his people to certain doom so he allies himself with the Chief (much like Tassadar and Jim Raynor) and the Elites get kicked out of the Covenant (much like the Dark Templars) and they fight the Covenant. Suddenly the Flood attacks High Charity(wtf)/Aiur and destroys it, infesting it. And well, you kill Tartarus. And well, the dual-wielding was an ok gig for what it was, but H2 was really not worth it. And hell, then came Halo 3… the Human-Elite alliance fights the Covenant, then the Flood (the infested high charity looks just like Kerrigan’s infested platform) and after defeating the Covenant, fight the Gravemind/Overmind (they didn’t even try this time) and save the day, but poor old Chief is lost in space, the Gravemind/Kerrigan is left to grow stronger (so, do expect Halo 4) and the final scene with the Chief foreshadows the return of the Forerunners/Xel-Naga. And I never liked a thing from the multiplayer (I mean, Griffball?). I’m not gonna into ODST cause I just playtested it once and saw they had began stealing from Gears of War and never played it again. And I’m not gonna even mention the abortion they had when trying to make a RTS. So, nah, Halo Reach is just another way to milk the little cattle that are the Halo fans with cheap graphics, lame characters, horribly laid scenery and rip-offs from other games. Do enjoy it.

    • Burnflare

      Yeah… You’re a ranting troll.

      That looks like a pretty big jump to me.

    • Miles Tormani

      Crazy trolling, and drawing straws of parallels the same way people say “WARUGH AVATAR IZ SO BAD CUZ IT R POCAHANIZ,” and a wall of text. Congratulations, you get the award for most ignorant post of the discussion.

      Especially that whole bit about how the Gravemind and Kerrigan both do the same thing of being left alone to grow stronger. I’m pretty damn sure we nuked the Gravemind at the end of Halo 3. Guess you didn’t really pay attention to that part because you were too busy claiming that Halo rips off Starcraft.

      Get this. Starcraft’s story isn’t even that original to begin with. The whole “working with guys you think are cool, but turn out to be bad” (Sons of Korhal) plot is so overdone in particular.

      I also like how you completely changed the order of events in Starcraft to make it look more like Halo was ripping it off. Classy.

    • PiGuy314

      There are no original stories any more… Everything you watch/play/read is taken in some way from Shakespeare, much of which is taken from earlier writers. Though I will agree that too little changes from one game to the next for me to justify buying each successive game.

      Between this and the last post you would think I hate video games… I love my 360 and my PC i swear, I’m just a cynic.

  • Monocle Man

    Ok… I just hope that this comment gets readed after that last one. Any way back to the point. You people have been arguing about that but you are saying that SCII is the most anticipated since it have been 11 years for it to come out and even tough I haven’t got the pleasure to play the first one I find it in my list of “The games that I would have liket to play if had known of them.” But you are saying that its the most expected and I won’t argue about it, but you are taking the point that Halo has more titles that StarCraft which just says that the franchise has been a bit over used. But, lets take a “little” step to the future. 10 years from now there has not been any Halo game neither StarCraft, and suddenly both companies give an announcement about they making a new game of their series, each with the best graphics and in the same console or PC or Mac or whatever (Just imagine) each with the things that make us love them when we first played them.


    • Mirage_GSM

      Starcraft. And I don’t even have to think about it.

    • PiGuy314

      This comment rules, because if they don’t put out a Halo game at least every other year no one would remember Halo to buy the new one. Some other FPS would take over and only “retro gamers” would care.

      Keep in mind that if you have played the N64 you are more or less a “retro gamer” now. On that note, I miss my Apple 2E and my Intelevision. :'(

  • Tery153

    I have to say, from the reaction in the comments, Starcraft II is huge. It’s gonna be the #1 bestseller. However, I’ve never been one for Starcraft, so for me, Halo: Reach is my #1 to buy. I look forward to it more than I look forward to Gears of War 3, but less than I looked forward to Mass Effect 2. I can see the appeal to Starcraft, but I deeply enjoy the sheer rush of FPS games over RTS games. And lets face it, any RTS lover was embarrassed about Halo Wars.

    But I can see both sides on this. It’s a matter of preference, and I think I’ve seen more people bragging about Halo “Skillz” than Starcraft Skills. Even when they really, really suck at it.

    That being said, let us not argue over this matter, but enjoy the fact that they will both be out this year, and fun shall be had by all!

  • Onipuck

    I never got the appeal of Halo, can someone explain it to an RPG fanboy like me?

    • Symar

      You get to shoot stuff, and you’re a zomgawesomespacedude.
      At least, that’s what I understood people like about it.

    • Triaxx

      The appeal is over other FPS games. Most of them went with: You good guy, them bad guy, kill. And that was the entire story. Or the story that was there had Zero relation to the actual game. Halo managed to have a story woven through the game, so that it felt like you were just one participant even if you were the main participant.

      It was also the first FPS ever on a console. (Totally ignoring Goldeneye.) And since XboX had a huge install base, it was very popular.

      • Vinnie

        Other FPS’s like half-life, Deus Ex, or System Shock. No none of those had story lines, or at least nothing like as involved as “you are the most awesomest soldier guy EVA!! and you have to BLOW UP THE PLANET TO SAVE THE UNIVERSE!!!” And you’ve already disproved your owwn point about the first console fps with Golden Eye, but i though I’ld throw in Perfect Dark, and the slew of PC title conversion aswell. So yeah, you’re just wrong.

        • Miles Tormani

          He said “most of them.” Not “all of them.” *sigh* You’d think something like that would catch people’s eyes more, but no, the world MUST be in black and white.

          The comparison here is probably being made between Halo and more standard level-based FPSes like Call of Duty, BlackSite, and… screw it. I’ll throw in Goldeneye because no one cares about the story in the game. Also, by “first FPS” on a console, I assume he meant first FPS built for a console, neglecting Goldeneye, making all ports from PC moot.

          I’ll also render the Perfect Dark argument moot by saying it was just Goldeneye as a girl. :P

  • AmIATurtle

    You know what I find interesting is out of everyone I’ve talked to no one seems to care much about the single player they only want to multi-player of either, hell my co workers who bought star craft 2 on the first day, have not touched, and do not plan to touch the single player campaign, along with quite a few friends. I own Halo 3, and I’ve never ever attempted the campaign mode.

    • Mirage_GSM

      Actually I played SC II almost exclusively for the Campaign.
      I played one or two Multiplayer matches, but I don’t really have enough free time to invest in the game.

    • Miles Tormani

      I was actually trying to solo Legendary for ODST yesterday for a bit. Should probably get back to that tonight.

  • Guardian Mega

    Although my first inclination is to blame Microsoft’s typical arrogance when it comes to the Halo series at large for the commercial, in truth it’s nothing new for advertisements. How many times have we seen an add for a music album that bombed extolling the album’s “smash hit” single. I used to see adds for Kathy Lee Gifford albums that talked about the smash hit singles, and we all know that there never was one (no disrespect to Kathy Lee, I’m just stating facts here).

    My own take on it is this: I’m not one who is planning on buying Halo Reach or Starcraft II. I was never a fan of either series. Because of that, I feel a little like I’m on the outside looking in on this one. That having been said, I’ve got to say that the anticipation for Starcraft II has got to be way more than that for Halo Reach. The reason is simple: there hasn’t been a Starcraft sequel in over a decade, a decade when fans were constantly clamoring for one, while the entire Halo franchise has come into existance during that timeframe. Halo fans were playing Halo 3: ODST for the first time just last year. That’s not going to leave you with the same level of desire as a decade + vaccuum.

  • edge6241

    Didn’t Starcraft II come out already though for the PC? Maybe they just meant for consoles.

    I’ll be honest, both games whenever they come or came out aren’t doing it for me. Up till this comic, I didn’t even know about either game.

    • Guardian Mega

      Yes, Starcraft II is already out. But the add for Halo Reach says it’s the most anticipated game OF 2010. They weren’t referring to the remainder of the year, they were referring to the whole year, in which Starcraft II did launch.

  • Pokemanic

    Pff.. what is it with x-box owners and assuming their console is the best..
    My friends and I could care less about halo
    we are all busy drooling over next years release of the DS3 and pokemon black/white

  • BoilerMaker11

    I can see the humor in this…but really? To make this work, you had to say Star Ocean (which was a mediocre game at best) to take a pot shot at the PS3? I could’ve swore GT5 was coming out in November…you know, a game that’s not a year old port of a 360 game, and is apart of a 50M+ selling franchise

    • BoilerMaker11

      feck…I was too quick to try and hop on Steve for bashing the PS3 before I realized he was talking about Starcraft…..the other game people have been waiting ages to get.

      I was wrong. My apologies

  • Drevik

    Most anticipated new game…SC2 or Reach? Neither for me. I’d hadn’t even heard of Reach until the first time I saw the commercial and well…..I refuse to give a single cent to game company associated with Bobby “Super prick” Kotick. I hate that man more than I love blizzard games.
    So I’m going to go with the one I keep playing over and over. Mass Effect 2. I suppose being a huge bioware fanboy kinds skews my perspective.

  • Deadhoof

    I am not joking when I saw that commercial I thought the EXACT SAME THING. I thought I was alone on this.

  • Gold

    SCREW BOTH OF THE GAMES. Nobody is getting anywhere on whether Halo or Starcraft are better (I’d have to say Halo, but that’s ’cause I’m an FPS nerd).

    Halo is an FPS – it’s more of a casual game, meaning hardcore gamers aren’t the only ones who play it. This opens it up to more fans, which means it can be, err, “more anticipated”.
    Starcraft 2 is more of a hardcore-gamers only game – if you’re new to RTS, you’re gonna die every single time unless you’re up against another newb. If you’re good, though, it’s an epic experience. So, uh, less fans, but most of them are hardcore so they can anticipate it more, so… It equals the same anticipation of Halo Reach?

    Mass Effect 2 > Both, in my opinion. Srsly, I could go on ME 2 for months.

    • GuardianMega

      This isn’t really a discussion of which game is “better” per se, just whose fanbase is more energized about the game’s release. But to say that anticipation for Halo Reach is increased by the casual crowd is incorrect. The casual crowd really only responds to “casual” games, none of which are FPS’. They’ll really only think about that kind of game if they’re at someone’s house and are invited to play a round or two, but they never think about purchasing the game, so I can’t see how that would boost anticipation.

  • Woot

    ….Fallout: New Vegas beats both in my book.

  • Uila

    There’s another lil ole game that’s been anticipated for 2010 called Cata-something or other that’ll probably sell, oh I dunno, 10 million+ copies!

  • herp

    Or, maybe Microsoft is trolling and you all fell for it.

  • Iz

    I’ll give Halo the most anticipated game of the year. But Starcraft 2 is the most anticipated game of the decade.

  • TheDarkOne

    Seriously I haven’t heard 2 words about Reach until this comic but have been waiting on SCII since it’s original announcement like 3 years ago. I don’t play SC online and my computer can barely run the game (every setting is on low). Starcraft wins no question.

    And where’s the love for DQIX?

    Oh and can’t count Catawhatsit, since Blizz does keep saying there is no guarantee for a ’10 release

  • Legacy

    I personally don’t really care about SC2, in the least. But, over Halo: Reach (there’s a new halo game coming out?), Civ 5 would probably be a contender, Guild Wars 2 has been looking extremely promising, and of course you have WoW: Cataclysm coming out. Including the other titles mentioned, calling this Halo game ‘most anticipated’ is a Reach. Shooter wise, I’m much more interested to see if Duke Forever has been revived at PAX…

  • Ohmsford

    You all are crazy. Imagine: Pornstar for the DS is easily the most anticipated game of the year.

    *waits, while people google that*

  • Johnny

    I play neither Halo nor Starcraft, and I was anticipating SC2 this year. Not Halo. Not ever.

  • Ejigantor

    I enjoyed C&C:RA2 back in the day, was invited to play some SC and got zerg rushed while I was still trying to figure out the interface, three games in a row, and never went back. Loved the original Halo, got the second one, enjoyed that too, though not as much, but then I got XBOX Live and made the mistake of trying it online, and found the multiplayer to not be any fun- to the extent that I didn’t even pick up Halo3 until a few months ago, and found it to be thoroughly lacking.. it just wasn’t engaging, and I suspect that the developers put a lot more work into the multiplayer than they did the campaign. I realize that I’m not indicative of the greater consumer population, but I’ve realized that online multiplayer is simply not where it is at for me, and so the game I’m most anticipating this year is SpiderMan: Shattered Dimensions

  • A Dude With a Mac

    I say screw both Games. Halo is a VERY acclaimed and influential series: EVERY SINGLE fps this decade follows the format that the series defined. Now, with that said, they milked that cash cow like no tomorrow….but not NEARLY as much as Nintendo milks Mario. Starcraft, is also an amazing game. I absolutely loved it. However, it CAN be very annoying alot of times (ex:Zerg rush bullshit) an unless you really love RTS games, youre pretty much just gonna get pissed off. Now personally, I say Kid Icarus:Uprising is the most anticipated game of the year. What, its been 10 years since the last Starcraft came out? ITS BEEN 23 YEARS SINCE THE LAST KID ICARUS CAME OUT. Now, thats not including his appearance in Super Smash Bros Brawl or the Gameboy port that came out 3 years after the original (which still predates Starcraft by a great amount). However, to tell you the truth by itself Starcraft has been very influential, not nearly as much as halo. Same with Kid Icarus. Now, Im personally a Nintendo fanboy (Best friggin game developers in the world) bu I also love my Xbox and Ps3 and Ps2, and PC/Mac games. Idk Ill definetly play both Reach and Starcraft 2, but I wouldnt say either of them are THE most anticipated game of the year. here are alot of other games to take that spot like Kid Icarus: Uprising and (if it comes out this year, which I doubt) Duke Nukem: Forever, or hell even my personl most anticipated Metroid: Other M (Samus ftw). Like what PiGuy314 said, pretty much what ever series you love and the next big sequel for it will be the most anticipated game of the year for you. Like for me, other than Metroid, One of my Favorite games of all time was the Contra series.Imagine an FPS or 3rd person Contra game on the PS3 or something with all the cool aliens and guns and shit from the original. and make wacky and super gory like Madworld or something like that, doesnt have to be super serious. With that said, theres a very good chance (like maybe 50%) of it being butchered and shitty like Bionic Commando was. Im jus gonna be an ass and leave it with Scott Pilgrim pwns both Halo and Starcraft, so ftw Scott Pilgirm vs. The World is the most anticipated game of the year bitch. :-P

  • Micah

    Hah, this bugged the crap out of me too. I mean, I’m not even a Starcraft fan (I played it a couple times and couldn’t get into it), but even I know what a big thing Starcraft is. It’s been anticipated for 11 years… Halo Reach has been known about for, what, 3 years?

  • Method T

    To be honest, This is exactly the thing I thought when I first saw the commercial for Reach, I personally have been a huge Starcraft fans for years, and many of my greatest gaming memories come from when I first originally played it, Personally I enjoy Halo as well, I’ve beaten the original three and played ODST with a friend, I’m quite excited for the upcoming Reach…but c’mon, Granted Halo is a very popular series, and Reach is easily one of the most Anticipated games of 2010, Starcraft 2 easily takes the cake on the most anticipated game of the year, Honestly I don’t see much of a learning curve when it comes to Starcraft, It may be a tad bit more complex than an FPS, Which consists of Running and Gunning, But its not exactly Rocket Science…On a Side-note, It is true WoW Cataclysm will also be a big contender, Which would easily put Blizzard ahead for 2010 Releases.