Now Showing – Gaming Movies [ COMIC ]

With Gamer the Movie coming out in September, I decided to do a couple gaming movie ideas that I would actually like to see.

Swamped with work right now, but hopefully I will have some time to come back and elaborate on this posting later. If not odds are I will appear in the comment section in one fashion or another. But the comic had been finished for hours and I didn’t want to keep postponing it because of the news post.



  • Evil-Dog

    the last one sounds pretty cool

  • Flamentah

    ZOMG COMPANION CUBE! I would totally see that lolz

  • Savanti Romero

    Gamer reminds me of “The Running Man”. Doesn’t mean I ain’t gonna see it.

  • Majutsukai

    The first one was very confusing before I looked down and saw the “Tekken” tag; since “kuma” just means “bear”, it looked like it was just “Harold and Some Bear go to White Castle”. I didn’t know till I looked it up that Kuma was also the name of a character. >>;

  • Z3rG

    Well, i figured i’d look the Gamer the movie up on wikipedia before watching the trailer, and when i typed it in i was directed to this page :

    Basically its a independent mocumentry film that had a 60 grand budget. After reading that, and then clicking on your link to see a crazy hardcore action movie with actors like Gerard Butler and Michael C hall, i was left thinking “HOW THE HELL DID THEY MAKE THAT WITH ONLY 60 THOUSAND DOLLARS???”

    Then i realized i had searched for Gamer”s” the movie by mistake. True Story. Oh yea, i also managed to miss all the other details on the page, like how that film came out in 2006 some how.

  • H3xx the last one may come true!

  • gelugon2105

    Yeah, Kuma is one of the fighters in Tekken. Mr. Napierski used the cover for the “Harold & Kumar” movie, but altered it. Notice that the “&” is not exactly at the middle of the emblem below.

    I am not certain how hilarious it would be for John Cho to be paired with a potentially dangerous creature though (made even more dangerous if Kuma Jr. can do the stuff his dad can do in the Tekken games).

    As for that Master Chief movie, Microsoft Games tried to collaborate with a studio on one once, but it got cancelled because Microsoft wants to have more say in the project. And it should – at the time of the negotiations – for the last thing we want is for some idiotic directors/producers to mess up the film, like what happened to Chun-Li, and probably will for the Shadow of the Colossus movie too.

    Now that Bungie has more or less control over the Halo IP, Bungie would hopefully not to be as stupid as to collaborate with a movie company. John-117 going to the silver screen is likely to be a tragic, maddening disaster.

  • Lord Shplane

    I’m hoping that the God of War movie somehow miraculously manages to not be crap.

    It won’t, but y’know.

  • Vinny

    Movies-based-on-games are nearly always crap, for a simple reason. How likely are you to want to watch [your favourite game] for an hour and a half without wanting to have a go?

  • Earwax

    I don’t think that’s true Vinny, I would watch a Movie based on a game or comic as long as the creators of the original form of media were heavily involved or the producers/directors were big fans with the sense enough to change what would not look good on screen but keep faithful to the characters and relatively close to the story, but right now the game movies are just going through the same thing the comic movies went through in the 80s, which is basically:
    “We just bought into a popular name, let’s milk it for all it’s worth without putting in much effort!”