Like Father Like Sadistic Mass Murdering Offspring [ COMIC ]

They were running various horror movies this weekend on the Sci-Fi Channel. One said film was Freddy vs. Jason… kind of thought they would save that movie for the upcoming weekend seeing that its, I don’t know, Friday the 13th! Well, seeing Jason made me think of how much he looks like Nemesis from the Resident Evil series without his hockey mask on. Then I thought, well if people can create images of that metroid and Samus Aran saying “Mommy” then I can create one with Jason Voorhees and Nemesis saying “Daddy”. So I did.

I really like the way the colors and artwork look on this comic. Just thought I’d mention that. I also enjoy being able to do the single panel comic, something I couldn’t do under the previous site design, but that doesn’t mean its the new format. Though, Wednesday’s comic is a single panel as well. Sometimes adding additional panels just to add additional panels is pointless.

If you come a see me at ConnectiCon this weekend you might actually catch me putting one of the many comics together. It might be next Monday’s Dueling Analogs or one of many different comics for the outer circle or my comic for the September issue of Hardcore Gamer Magazine, but you’ll probably just catch me playing my Nintendo DS. Still, it’s going to be fun.

Lastly, did you see that Sony cut the prices on the PS3? Show of hands for anyone who saw that coming? It’s good news for the consumer, but for console less than year old to take a major price cut like that is well… um… yeah…