Tales From ConnectiCon ’09: Part II [ COMIC ]

Behold your Monday Mookie that I have been meaning to get around to since I got back from ConnectiCon. I had the idea for this comics during ConnectiCon, but other time sensitive comics took precedence. So now it’s finally up. Starring Richard from the outer circle and of course Michael “Mookie” Terracciano the sexy creator of Dominic Deegan.

Back to gaming on Thursday…


  • A.L.

    Of course Richard is the only person gay enough to announce a convention needing to be sexier.

  • Richard

    I’M NOT GAY!! Just had to be said…

  • Delilah

    OMFG… aforementioned Mookie is my old roomie and I had no idea his special sexeh had gone global until this showed up in my rss feed this morning. Lol’d in my Cheerios, I did.

  • I don’t suppose Richard’s inclusion in today’s comic is in anyway a portent that the legendary final fifty the outer circle comics are forthcoming.

  • @Roger Good question.

  • Tease.