Wii Pole Dancing [ COMIC ]

Today’s comic was done by Greg Eales and is in reference to this article from over a month ago. Dueling Analogs: Always relevant to some point in history or not.

For the next few weeks I will be running guest strips on Dueling Analogs. With a life changing event (life, not sex) happening at anytime now, it was a good solution to avoid sporadic updates. That said I will still be updating the outer circle, responding to emails and orders from BigBoomBomb.com will continue to ship as well. I’ll just be taking a breather from the gaming webcomics, though I’ll still be playing video games and probably watching anime, too… When I get a chance and sleep doesn’t feel like a better option.

The guest strips will be coming to an end this week. And I’ll be back next Monday with new Dueling Analogs comics. See you then.