*Offer Excludes Gaijin [ COMIC ]

It’s nice to see that Final Fantasy XIII has been released. It sucks because I don’t speak Japanese (much) and as such I will have to wait until it’s released upon the western world before I can play it. Fortunately, this wait gives me time to make a few decisions. Is it any good? Remember the guy who did Final Fantasy X-2 directed this and my opinion of Final Fantasy X-2 was made clear along time ago. Then if it is good, which system do I get it for? The Xbox 360 or the PS3?

This is my third “Gaijin 4Koma” a.k.a. “Reaction Guys” comic. The first one was here when Final Fantasy XIII was announced and the second one… well, if you want to see the second one then you might want to donate here.

Don’t forget that if you want Dueling Analogs to update everyday in January the donation drive is here and that in now also includes any sales on BigBoomBomb.com during the month of December. At the time I am currently writing this post, the drive is almost at 12%. Not bad.

I’ll be back on Monday with a new comic that explains the truth behind one of the greatest conflicts of the webcomic community. See you then!