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It’s nice to see that Final Fantasy XIII has been released. It sucks because I don’t speak Japanese (much) and as such I will have to wait until it’s released upon the western world before I can play it. Fortunately, this wait gives me time to make a few decisions. Is it any good? Remember the guy who did Final Fantasy X-2 directed this and my opinion of Final Fantasy X-2 was made clear along time ago. Then if it is good, which system do I get it for? The Xbox 360 or the PS3?

This is my third “Gaijin 4Koma” a.k.a. “Reaction Guys” comic. The first one was here when Final Fantasy XIII was announced and the second one… well, if you want to see the second one then you might want to donate here.

Don’t forget that if you want Dueling Analogs to update everyday in January the donation drive is here and that in now also includes any sales on BigBoomBomb.com during the month of December. At the time I am currently writing this post, the drive is almost at 12%. Not bad.

I’ll be back on Monday with a new comic that explains the truth behind one of the greatest conflicts of the webcomic community. See you then!


  • The link to the donation site isn’t working in your post. Here it is for everyone’s benefit:


  • A.L.


    Wait should that even be possible?

    Also,you lazy bum,you rehashed the same comic…is whatever else will probably say.I think it’s hilarious,not just the same comic being used again and inadvertently pissing some folks off but the fact that some folks are going to get excited for a game most eng(r)lish speaking folks won’t see for another several months.Cocktease indeed.

  • @A.L. I had another idea for the comic. The original premise had sleeper soldiers who had explosives secretly implanted in their skulls. The explosives would only detonate when the phrase “Final Fantasy XIII has been released” is uttered. The scientist choose that phrase because he never expected anyone to ever say it.

    But, while I was working on that idea I started thinking about the original comic in the Gaijin 4Koma format. Which lead me to think about rearranging the “gaijin” like the other memes it’s based on. I laughed and I felt the simplicity of the joke made for a more effective comic.

  • The Anarchyz

    Motomu Toriyama also worked in Final Fantasy X… And Yoshinori Kitase is the producer… I expect a great game, but don’t know, thank the sun that a friend of mine is fluent in nihongo and he’s importing, so in one week or two i’ll be seeing FFXIII…

    BTW, according to Square Enix, PS3 has everything uncompressed, and 360 uses compression (they didn’t say if it was lossless or lossy, probably the latter since the game is on 3 DVDs), and according to them, the PS3 version has 1080p cutscenes… We don’t know if there’s another difference, i hope they put in the PS3 version J-Audio with subs…

  • @Steve: I agree. It’s a lot simpler and more effective to use Gaijin 4koma. I love that meme :P

  • RawkHawk

    Laziness again. As I thought, you haven’t changed at all.

  • Locuzt

    @Steve, Think this is some of your best work actually, the simplicity and art style both. And of course it made me laugh :) I salute you sir!

  • @RawkHawk Ah, RawkHawk. You’ll just never be happy.

  • RawkHawk

    @Steve Napierski

    No, not true. This webcomic was one of the greats for quite a long time. And then one comic was the turning point. Ironically enough, the title of the comic was “Literally Disappointed”. This described my general opinion towards the comic for the past two years. Sure, I dislike most of the single panel comics, but a few of them have nice art at least, so that can be forgiven. But I digress. This was the point where the laziness began, and the author went from “excellent webcomic” to “another barely updating laze-fest.”

    However, I still read the comic, so he must be doing SOMETHING right… but then again, I still check up on VG Cats…

  • @RawkHawk Oddly the most popular Dueling Analogs comics to come came after that strip ran. I’m not going to defend the work, my ego is not so big that I don’t know I left a lot of room for improvements both after and before that comic. But I do believe that there are quite a few excellent comics after that strip as well. Yes, the console comics were in a very large quantity after that. But as I mentioned before, this isn’t my full-time job.

    When my oldest daughter was younger I could come home and just work on the comic after work with her rocking in her swing next to me. Now she wants to spend time with her daddy and I have another girl as well. Both of them matter more to me than some silly webcomic ever will. And as such, I don’t even work on the strips until after they go to bed. On top of that, I do have a successful marriage to maintain as well. So I don’t even start on my work until after my wife goes to bed most of the time. And when 11pm comes around and you’re just starting and know that before you even begin you will need to be up for work in less than 8 hours, motivation does drop some.

    Nonetheless, I gather you don’t care for the single panel comics, nor the console strips and judging by the turning point for you you miss the more raunchy humor and possibly the older art style with the multi-color outlines.

    Hopefully you’ll stick around. Drop me an email from time to time. You learn more from talking to people with differing opinions than do from like minded individuals.