Burn Me Once, Shame On You, Burn Me Thrice, Skin Graft Needed [ COMIC ]

So why are we already talking about Dragon Quest X being developed for the Wii [link] when Dragon Quest IX is still over three months away from being released in Japan? And that’s not even saying when it when it will be released here in the western world. Ugh…

Dragon Quest IX for the Wii, in my opinion, is a bad idea. Dragon Quest IX on the DS, I am fine with that. The DS has proven itself to be a good RPG console (previous discussion of such here). But I want another real Dragon Quest game and not some Wiified version of an old favorite.

Yes, it could work on the Wii… graphics wise and power wise. But since Square-Enix is trying to appeal to a larger demographic with this incarnation, I think the end result will not live up to the expectations.

If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. The Nintendo DS has proven itself time and time again. The Wii is still a household gimmick. A popular household gimmick. But a gimmick nonetheless.