The Mr. Masters [ COMIC ]

So I got the idea of mixing the robot masters from the original Mega Man series with The Mr. Men children’s book/cartoon series. Instead of Cut Man you get Mr. Cut, instead of Guts Man you get Mr. Guts and so forth… I decided to do the “first” eight (8) robot masters in this amalgam format. It was fun to do and was fun to take the names of some of the characters in different direction from their original intent.

Personally, I’d love to do a poster with all eighty (80) robot masters done in the Mr. Men format. But that’s up to you guys whether there would be a demand for something like that. If a poster containing all eighty (80) Mr. Masters would be something you guys would be interested in leave a comment below or drop me a line.

Otherwise, I will see you on Thursday.


  • David

    Oh man, I haven’t thought of Mr Men is almost a decade. I loved those books as a little kid.

    Nice work Steve.

  • MarthKoopa

    Very clever and original, your best comic yet

  • The Anarchyz

    Count me in for the poster

  • Meatwad

    I think the poster idea is cool.

  • cheekers

    Ehh… 80 Mr. Masters would take you a long time… valuable time that could be spent coming up with more game-a-licious jokes… so I’m gonna have to put my two cents in as ‘nah, pass on the poster.’

  • Ah Oil Man… originally programmed to be the Fluffer of the Masterbots…

  • Thijs

    I’d like a 40″ tapestry of the Konami Code first! :P

  • Joseph Collins

    You, sir, have Mr. Issues. Thank you for sharing them with us. :3

  • RawkHawk

    Excellent job. This is one of the kinds of things I like to see from you. I’d love to see more of the original Megaman Robots to be rendered in this style. Keep it up.

    And yeah, a poster sounds inviting as well.

  • A.L.

    Ingenious and clever,I really like what you did by combinb The Robot Masters and the Mr. Men.I’m sure you’re not going to try and do them all at one time,at least I hope not,but I would love to see a poster of them.

  • beau

    DO WANT!!

  • Half o the Rum

    While I’d love to see you do the entire collection of Mr Masters I don’t think I’d pick up a poster. :(

  • I’d definitely buy a poster.

  • CathickleSquall

    yeah, a poster seems like a pretty good idea

  • The Man in Black

    Sounds awesome to me, I always love your Mega Man re-interpretations.

  • Yeah, I’d buy that poster. I’ve already bought your other ones. ^_^

  • mikeszekely

    86 Robot Masters. 8 from Mega Man 1-10 (80) plus six originals from Mega Man and Bass.

  • @mikeszekely You’re right. If I’m going to include Oil Man and Time Man from Mega Man Powered Up then I need to include all the robot masters from Rockman and Forte as well.

  • Casey E. Palmer

    OH NOES! I had a T-Shirt idea based off on the old Mr and Mrs series!


  • DarkeSword

    Fantastic! Though of course, you need Mr. Mega!

  • I’d definitely get a poster for my friendly neighborhood Mega Man fanatic. :D

  • Ido

    For a second there only from the title, I thought that was going to be something about Ken Masters lol. Well this is still awesome~

  • I’d prefer the companion poster to the one I already own: rejected Mr. Men villains. That’d be absolutely hilarious!

  • Well this is interesting I’d still rather The Outer Circle be finished….

  • @HerbertThe Outer what?

  • Meatwad

    I second what Herbert said.

  • Mabinogius

    I was not impressed by this sampling at all. I doubt another 70 of them would be any better.

  • ERock

    I’d love to see all of the robot masters as Mr. Men. I was hooked on the books when I was young, and I even watch the show that’s on now, even though I’m well outside the target age for it XD

  • Mouser

    Love the creative idea here. A poster of all of them would be win.

  • KK the Prophet

    Technically, it’d be 79 Mr. Master and one Little Miss Splash.

    Anyway, I’d like to see more.

  • Darkpen

    Please do a poster! This is too awesome!