Longterm Investments [ COMIC ]

I was thinking about the exchange rate between money in different video games. I mean 100 coins earns you an extra life in Super Mario Bros. and 100 rings earns you one in Sonic the Hedgehog, but is an extra life in one worth the same as one in the other? And if they are weighted differently what would the exchange rate be between the two? And what about rupees and other forms of currency in various video games? Someone with a lot more free time on their hands should plot this out on a chart.

Had fun doing the artwork on this comic. Tried to make it have the feel of the art from Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks. And did about 95% of the comic in Photoshop. That’s about 90% more than I normally do.

That’s about it for now. I’ve got some fun ideas for next week. Just haven’t decided if Monday with be an extra long comic or an animation. It’ll be fun either way.

See you then!


  • Meatwad

    I liked the big thumbs up at the end there.

  • Yams

    Maxim actually ran an article a while back comparing video game currencies to the USD which was a pretty interesting read. Unfortunately, links to the post now just result in an error. No idea if they’ll ever pull it back up.

  • ouroboros

    Please tell me that the money changer in the third panel is the one from Quest for Glory 2 and I will have a complete nerdgasm!

  • Shanebob

    @Yams I remembered reading that article, too, and after a bit of digging I came across a link that still works.

  • ImpofthePerverse

    I notice there’s no mention of Animal Crossing’s Bells on there.

    I did try to find out how many bells are worth to the pound (I’m British), but gave up as a shovel, fishing rod, watering can, axe and bug net are all 500bells but there prices in pounds are incredibly different. I eventually concluded that Tom Nook is EVIL!!!!!!

  • I’ve pondered this myself too….but using real life examples…
    in zelda, 200 rupees might buy you a bitchin’ shield, but in Indian rupees all you might be able to buy is a small child for your sweat shop

  • BrokenGeek

    When I read this comic initially, the Mentos commercial music just popped into my head. That’s all I see now in that last panel.

  • This makes me think of a cartoon I drew a few days ago that’s a joke on the fact that in India, a “0” rupee actually exists: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2354/2229872504_5c47e8a50c.jpg


  • Falos

    “someone with a lot of free time on their hands should plot this out on a chart”

    Oh great, now you’ve done it. You just know someone’s gonna tackle it.