The Miis: Double Team [ COMIC ]

Another special off cycle comic starring those creepy Miis. We’re at the halfway point with these. Only two more left. Oh, in case some of you are wondering… the reason I don’t change the Miis facial expressions is because they don’t change on the Wii. Besides that it makes it more eerie.

I enjoyed the emails I received with suggestions for future What if…? comics. Just as a teaser, I’ll give you a hint of one of the upcoming strips in the series. Its going to be 8-bit Theater. Hopefully, my hint wasn’t too vague.

Lastly, I threw my hat into the ring for Blind Date II. Its a little mixer where they randomly take artists and writers from various webcomics and team them together to make a strip. I’m listed under both writers/artists so I’m not sure which one I’ll be doing. Regardless, it does sound fun.