The Miis: Unforgettable [ COMIC ]

I’ve wanted to do a comic with the Miis in it, but anything I thought of had already been done or just felt “eh”. So I decided to do special Friday comics starring Miis in bizarre situations. Fun, fun, fun…

I’ve got so much space that I wanted to give props to Ryan North. A lot of you may be familar with Ryan from his critically acclaimed webcomic Dinosaur Comics… which is really friggin’ cool. But what I want to draw your attention to is one of his other projects which in fact is called Project Wonderful. See the little banners to the left side of this posting? Those are Dueling Analogs Project Wonderful ads. Imagine the love child of eBay and Google Ads and you get a pretty good idea of what it is. For advertisers you can bid on ad space(s). If you’re outbid you can choose to bid higher or take you money elsewhere… they’ve got losts of sites to advertise on. For clients you can start receiving your money after only $10 (very cool) and you can actually watch the money accrue by the minute… its kinda fun. I know I’m simplifying it a lot, but I’m running out of space. Let’s just say I wish I would have thought of it first. Kudos Ryan!