The Miis: Big Miiny [ COMIC ]

Back in January of 2007 I ran an extra third comic every Friday during that month. Each one of these comics was part of a series called The Miis. Looking back recently I felt the artwork was pretty simplistic and crude. The original comics were done in Adobe Illustrator. So I decided to create a new one using Adobe Illustrator (with only a few minor touch ups in Photoshop) as well to see if I could improve on the art style. I really feel that there is definitely an vast improvement in the quality of the character designs in the three plus years that have transpired since then. If you want to judge for yourself you can compare this comic with the bottom four comics located here.

Puppy Cow… You want to support this. In fact you want to own one of these adorable yet udderly terrifying plush toys created by Jamie Noguchi. But there’s a catch. Jamie is running a Kickstarter campaign to get the funding for this toy and there is only six days left ’til it’s over. So let’s head on over there and make the Puppy Cow plushies a reality. And remember the Puppy Cow says…

Update: The Puppy Cow Kickstarter project is now 100% funded. Thanks to everyone that helped Jamie out. I know he appreciates it.