The Miis: See No Evil [ COMIC ]

The final comic in the Miis series. Beginning in February I will be going back to the regular Monday and Wednesday schedule for new strips. I will miss how the archives grow a little quicker when doing three comics a week, but more time to relax is definitely out weighs that.

I need to give major credit to mooz. The flash Mii creator that he built saved me a lot of running back and forth between my Wii and computer while designing the strips. Thanks.

I’m looking forward to this weekend as I intend to indulge in some much gaming. So far my poisons of choice are Final Fantasy XII (right at the end of the game), Elebits and GTA: Liberty City Stories. Speaking of GTA did you see the news that Vice City Stories is coming out on the PS2. There’s a surprise.

Working on some new merchandise ideas. I’ll post it here as soon as I’ve got a clear direction on them.