The Big ‘L’ [ COMIC ]

Well, this is the fiftieth Dueling Analogs comic. I had always planned to do a special for this strip and this was it… yay. Doing a fiftieth comic makes me think about Press Start to Play‘s fiftieth strip… they had the same idea to do a special strip and were able to implement it first and they launched two days after Dueling Analogs too… damn.

Well, as far as Perfect Dark Zero goes (I did use Joanna Dark from it in today’s comic)… I haven’t played it yet. Though I did play the one for the N64 and loved it immensely… but then again that was made by the same people who did GoldenEye 64 and the Time Splitter series, but they aren’t working for Rare anymore. So… I can’t really critique it, but I can comment that I like the new design for Joanna Dark and the artwork of her that was created for FHM Magazine.

Oh, final got something up for the downloads section for anyone who wants to link or use an avatar to pimp Dueling Analogs.