3D King Hippo Chalk Art [ VIDEO ]

This is pretty amazing. I also think adding the 3D aspect to King Hippo’s “sprites” in this video was a nice touch, too.

I neither share the patience nor the drive to ever create something like this myself, but I am still glad that there are people in the world who are willing.

Back in 2009, the artist table for Dueling Analogs was right next to where Erik Murasack was creating the chalk mural of the Otakon program cover.

Otakon 2009 Chalk Art Mural by Eric MaruscakOtakon 2009 Chalk Art Mural by Eric Maruscak

While it wasn’t a perspective illusion like the King Hippo video, it was still cool to see the time and dedication that went into completing the project.

source: YouTube
via: Dorkly