Truth Hurts [ COMIC ]

Jump back to the original Delaystation… I mean Playstation, what made that system the best? Was it the 3D engine? Nope, the Nintendo 64 was better. Was it how it handled 2D games? Nope, the Sega Saturn was superior. It must have been how fast games loaded… sorry, I couldn’t resist. It was the library of third party titles. A similar situation holds true to the current generation where the XBOX was far superior to the PS2 in every way except third party titles.

Sony has never been the best system for gaming, but because of their third party titles we keep coming back. The big name third parties are already backing the PS3 based on that same concept. The problem is, until gamers can convince the third parties that we’re willing to support whomever gives us the best system and not just whatever Sony dishes out this cycle will continue to repeat over and over again…