Scott Pilgrim & the Never Ending Sorry [ COMIC ]

Since the Scott Pilgrim series is deeply intertwined with video game references, the final issue of the series came out on Tuesday, the movie is only three weeks away from being released and since there is actually a video game comes out in less that three weeks for the Playstation Network (a little over a month for XBLA) I felt that doing a Scott Pilgrim related comic was appropriate. I feel I made my case.

Personally, I love the Scott Pilgrim books. The artwork is great and the story seems to have the ability to stick to the plot while going all over the place at the same time. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend it.

Needless to say I’m really looking forward to both the movie and the game being released.

Bryan Lee O’Malley got a chance to see the comic and said, “Hilarious Scott/Ramona fan comic!” [via Twitter] Friggin’ awesome!


  • David

    I should really take a look at these books. Everyone keeps saying they’re good and from what I’ve seen, I have reason to believe it.

  • Just saw this, inspired by your Megaman 10 Easy Mode?

  • Matt Silver

    Oh man, I so love the “Caveman Vs Astronauts” reference in the first panel. Rest of the strip was boss too – awesome art style especially.

  • bidoopoo

    If only they hadn’t cast the “human meh” known as Michael Cera in the role of Scott Pilgrim I might have gone and seen this.

  • Does it make me a poser to want to read the comic books after seeing the movie trailer?

    • No. I’d never read The Watchmen before the movie and that’s what got me to read the graphic novel.

      • Phaelin

        Same here, though a lot of people get pithy when you mention having done that. Like somehow your fan status should be revoked. Eh.

  • RetroJim78

    I love the clash at demon head ref.

  • SecondTomorrow

    Nice Angel/Spike reference ;)

  • Gaaaaar! I got Volume 4 recently and read it with epic lulz!
    Scott Pilgrim has also gotten about 3 of my friends heavily into comic as well when I took the first 3 volumes into school one day!
    I’m gonna order Volume 5 and 6 soon, hopefully before the film comes out (and I see it), it comes out the 25th for the UK, mega LAMEZ

  • Onipuck

    I’m one of those who read the comic shortly after seeing the commercial for the movie(to be fair, I don’t read a lot of Western periodicals), and I will admit that it’s a good series, but I have seen better.

    Also, around the fourth book(I think it was that one), the pacing got a tad messy, and I was horribly confused as to when in the timeline that was taking place.
    Also, the glowing bit still confuses me, even after reading the last book again, the whole meaning behind it escapes me.