Silence is Golden [ COMIC ]

So for those of you that may not have checked the comic yesterday, here’s the run down. This comic was placed on the website with no caption and readers were asked to submit what they thought the caption should be. The winner would have their name added to the comic and would also receive a free Dueling Analogs t-shirt and set of buttons.

3% of yesterday’s audience submitted entries and it took about forty-five minutes to sift through them all. There were some ongoing themes (Rejected Mega Man Villains, “Can you hear me now?”, nagging moms/girlfriends, mute buttons and Jack Thompson). All the entries were quite humorous and I appreciate everyone who entered.

As you can see by the comic above, the winning entry was by Matt Swearingen. I felt his caption felt the most natural with the pictures.

Now for your enjoyment and/or so you can disagree with me, here’s the runners up in no particular order…

Christopher Francis – “And with the coming of Slippy Toad the apocalypse is complete.”

Trevor Fowell – “Nintendo announces three new challengers for Super Smash Bros. Brawl!”

Matthew Cupps – “Deaf video gamers have their moments to shine, too.”

Keegan Musser – “Sadly, these were not the only three failed attempts at getting Steve Napierski to update more frequently.”

Tom Seavey – “Sometimes I lie awake at night wishing that ‘Friendly Fire‘ was an option in more games.”

Ben Pierce – “Even without a punchline it’s better than the Sopranos ending.”

John Pasmalatas – “This is why Mario works alone.”

Thanks to everyone who submitted and once again to Scott Johnson for giving me a reason to slack off the idea in the first place. I definitely want to do this again sometime down the road.

UPDATE: I knew this, but wasn’t thinking it… Otis Washington never actually makes a sound in Dead Rising. His phone does, but he doesn’t. So I updated the comic to put Slippy Toad in it. Lord knows he she it never shuts up.