Shining Get! [ COMIC ]

The Shining directed by Stanley Kubrick.

Why am I changing the design and layout for Dueling Analogs? Good question. There’s actually quite a few reasons.

First off, whenever I wanted to added a new page under the previous format it required me to come up with a completely new theme (ie. links = advertisement, archives = checklist, etc…). The problem was time to create these pages and/or come up with new ideas. With the new design, since its theme driven, I can create new pages and plug the content in with ease. This means an about and FAQ page will finally exist.

Second, content will load quicker. We all want to believe that everyone has high-speed internet connection, but that’s like believing Superman 64 was a good game. This way people still using dial-up or some close facsimile will be able to view the site easier.

Third is banner placement. I’m not going to lie. Banners are where Dueling Analogs profits truly lie. And with the new design the advertisements will get more visibility (without being intrusive) which means more revenue. Definitely a good thing.

Lastly is my favorite reason, infinite canvas. Take a look at today’s comic. Its twice as tall as any previous Dueling Analogs comic. Under the old format I could never do this. But under the new one I can make it as tall as I want. This means better comics. A lot of times I’ve had good ideas that just don’t translate well into three panels. Sometimes I have to drop the idea all together because of these constraints. Now if adding a few more panels can make the comic flow more smoothly I can do it. Am I ever looking forward to that.

The site design is not set in stone… the logo at the top is only temporary, I’m missing new functions for the main page, forums haven’t been activated yet and many more things to come.

About this comic… I was originally going to go for a darker art style, but I love the Super Princess Peach direction and felt it translated well to the comic. Its funny how brown outlines and a similar color palette makes my artwork look completely different. Hmm…