Royal Fail Whale [ COMIC ]

This marks the second Fat Princess comic [first one]. Apparently, I’m really looking forward to the game.

If you don’t get the reference to the comic, you haven’t been on Twitter. If you’ve been on Twitter and still don’t get the reference, you haven’t been on Twitter for more than thirty seconds. Speaking of Twitter, if you’re interested in following me on Twitter I’m right here.


  • one word….

  • Too many sweets is a sweet pun :)

  • Okay, I’ll bite – I have no clue what you’re referencing here, as I don’t use Twitter. What’s the gag?

  • @CoastieGryph Here’s a sample of the Twitter Whale Fail in action:

  • Jakk Frost

    Ok, now I get it, though it might have been funnier if it had been a coconut instead of a whale…

  • Lord Shplane

    @Jakk Frost

    Uhh… Coconut?

  • Ayersy

    @Jakk Frost

    Are they swallows though? ;)

  • Jakk Frost

    @Lord Shplane: great, now I feel old, tyvm :(

    @Ayersy: Well if it was a coconut, then they’d be swallows. Since it’s not a coconut, I dunno >.> lol