Put On a Happy Face [ COMIC ]

I got my free Playstation Network Plus account for one month and two free games (haven’t done the PSP ones, yet) last Friday. I got inFAMOUS and LittleBigPlanet just like I said. [1]

Not trying to defend Sony here, because they did screw up. Security should have been much tighter than it was and something definitely should have been done a lot sooner, as well. But they’re trying to make amends and trying to make sure also it doesn’t happen again. And I guess after all is said and done that’s really all they can do. Kinda like when Gawker got hacked a back in December [2], we finally got over it and moved on…But then again, Gawker never had our credit card information. Nevermind, bad example. Stay mad, but make sure to enjoy your free games.


  • David Herbert

    Hooray for happiness.

  • LilPimpT

    You’ve captured the average American to a T.

  • ThomasJay112

    Your average Sony fanboy would have just been the third panel repeated three times.

  • Palmer


    Sony has some stupendously lax security worldwide. Their various divisions have been cracked over a dozen times in a couple months.

  • Balthasar

    Due to several people at my house having psn accounts even though we only buy things with 1 of them, allowed us to get all but infamous since we already have that on disk. XD

  • DerekTheMagicDragon

    I disagree that security “Should have been tighter” If hackers want to hack something, they’re going to hack it. The Pentagon hired random hackers years ago to try and hack their systems as a test, and they did, effortlessly. Sometimes just by calling in and asking for passwords. Sony did the best they could, someone just screwed them over. I’m willing to bet Nintendo and Microsoft had pretty much the same quality of security.

    • Davvolun

      Not particularly true. If hackers really want in, they will probably get in, true; but if the SQL Injection (a problem with known solutions 15-20 years ago) attack on SonyPictures says anything, Sony just doesn’t really care about security (until it bites them in the ass). Summarized information: http://attrition.org/security/rants/sony_aka_sownage.html . Notably, this isn’t *any* sort of social engineering, which is harder to deal with; if the person manning the phone is tired, bored, or whatever, they might not be thinking and accidentally give out information. Hopefully there would be a mitigation strategy, something along those lines. But most of these attacks are basic technical attacks. I learned about SQL Injection (and how ridiculously easy it is to protect against) in one of my first computer science classes. Security *should have been tighter*, Sony has done far from the best they could, even after the first attack.

    • 大日本帝国万歳

      Nintendo’s got far better security according to LulzSec. They hacked Nintendo’s site but claimed the hole had been patched soon after their attack (somehow Sony has trouble with this concept) (source: http://twitter.com/#!/LulzSec/status/77335808792727552)

      All said, this is Sony’s fault. Sure, you can blame the hackers, but you don’t leave people’s shit lying outside and get mad when someone steals it. You take every precaution to make sure it’s safe (we’ve known this since the 90s, haven’t we?).

      And as for “they’re trying to make amends and trying to make sure also it doesn’t happen again”, you sure about that? http://attrition.org/security/rant/sony_aka_sownage.html

      They got hacked a zillion more times since then, with simple SQL injections, and all have resulted in unencrypted plain text files. Don’t fall for their propaganda or their quid pro quo “free games”. By all means, enjoy them, but don’t ever let your guard down. It’s YOUR information. They’re not keeping it safe. Their constant vulnerability proves that.

  • Vake Xeacons

    I’m still with the idea Sony needs to hire these hackers! Keep your friends close…

  • you got only 2? i downloaded them all. plus there’s a free magic: the gathering game (aroud 380mb) from store for plus accounts. so i got 6 games for free xD

    • Balthasarx

      unless you keep paying for playstation plus after the free month any “free” game you download from the playstation plus section gets disabled they are only “free” as long as you pay to be a play station plus member =/

  • Kage

    I love how even the hair gets a ‘lift’.

  • Sephirjon

    Why should we be mad at Sony? Do you get mad at dead people for being murdered? Do you say “Shame on you,” to rape victims? Sony got hacked, it didn’t give away our information. Wait, here’s a better analogous situation. You borrow a game from a friend. Someone breaks into your house and steals it with the rest of your stuff. You had locked your doors, barred your windows, taken every reasonable step in security, but it happened anyway. Should your friend be mad at you? No. So stop blaming the victim, Sony, for being hacked.

    • Sephirjon

      This may be the longest comment I have ever willingly written.

    • True, but your friend did leave a key to their house under the front doormat and the password to their security system was “1,2,3,4”.

      • Adam

        How many hours does one spend probing to find the key and the code to the security system? It’s still the hackers fault in the end. When someone breaks down your front door with an axe, who do we blame? It seems some people blame the door’s construction and the person who bought the door. We’ll just ignore the person with the axe. They were just breaking down the door to show you how bad your security is and how you can buy a better door that’s stronger.

        • I completely agree that the hackers are where the problem started, but there were still mistakes made before and after it happened that made this much worse than it needed to be.

      • The Anarchyz

        Actually, the password was a constant, so 1, 1, 1, 1…

        First the ECDSA, a great encryption algorithm from the 90s, used horribly wrong and now SQL injection? that wasn’t a key under the doormat, it was hanged to the door with a note that said “open with this”

  • trancebam


    You fell for their publicity gimmick after they dropped the ball, then dropped the ball again. Just sayin’.

  • DittoToo

    There’s a couple of free movies as well.

    • Nick

      Yeah but they aren’t the best.

  • Lexie

    @ Steve Napierski
    *LIKE* hahah Well played. :3

  • Jack C.

    Well, that’s what console gamers are … fucking stupid! xD

  • NickNackGus

    Within 18 months of PS3 losing its “Other OS” feature, it was hack wide open. The security system revolved around a random number, which was always the same number. Windows is no better. At least Sony HAS a security system. Still, Linux has the best security system by default, IMO. Unless you purposefully put security holes in your own OS, and maybe redistribute it.

  • NickNackGus

    hack->hacked. spell check isn’t perfect.

  • Sacul

    I wonder if the people that started that lawsuit against Sony still get their 2 free games.

    • Nick

      It would be funny if they didn’t. What I would love to know is if they are sueing on behalf of the customers what happens if they win? They don’t have our inforamtion and besides one guy hiring a lawfirm to sue on behalf of all users is bs.

  • Joseph Collins

    Given that I had no real emotional or financial investment in the PlayStation Network, and in fact, only own a PSP, I can honestly say the downtime and whatnot didn’t phase me at all. However, getting two free, big-name PSP games for free? For doing absolutely nothing?? Hell yeah! Come to me, LittleBigPlanet and ModNation: Racers! :D

  • The Freeman

    I use the prepaid cards you can buy at stores so my information was never threatened. Getting Dead Nation for free definitely made this a good experience for me personally.

  • Nick

    You must read the blog comments because you see alot of what is in todays strip on them.

  • Heartless

    nothing against free games, but -in comparison to the rest of the world- we german´s aren´t really happy with the choice of games…

    true, Little Big Planet and Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Time are nice games, but you can get them used for 5-10€…they are more like games coming for free with the next version of the game…

    i would have liked to get inFamous and the other 16+ game for free but seems like it won´t happen…

  • Michael

    So I wasn’t too sure where else to point this out, but the portal tetris game you made a while back was recently featured on memebase, if you weren’t already aware. Specifically on the ‘Art of Trolling’ section of the site.


    Nice work :D

  • Chaos

    >:C –> ^u^

  • Lord Tirion

    Warning, participating in Sony’s Welcome Back Program may transport you to a level of Katamari Damacy, if you see a rolling ball of random things… run