Put On a Happy Face [ COMIC ]

I got my free Playstation Network Plus account for one month and two free games (haven’t done the PSP ones, yet) last Friday. I got inFAMOUS and LittleBigPlanet just like I said. [1]

Not trying to defend Sony here, because they did screw up. Security should have been much tighter than it was and something definitely should have been done a lot sooner, as well. But they’re trying to make amends and trying to make sure also it doesn’t happen again. And I guess after all is said and done that’s really all they can do. Kinda like when Gawker got hacked a back in December [2], we finally got over it and moved on…But then again, Gawker never had our credit card information. Nevermind, bad example. Stay mad, but make sure to enjoy your free games.