Striking a Stone-Dead Steed [ COMIC ]

With the Playstation Network being down since last Wednesday, I’m kind of glad I haven’t picked up my copy of Mortal Kombat for the Playstation 3, yet. Then again, I really would have done most of my gaming offline so it really wouldn’t have mattered. Still, you know when you can’t do something and then that becomes the only thing you want to do? An obsession with it the forbidden. That quite possibly might have happened to me… But probably not.

Regardless, not really playing any of my consoles at the current time. Really having a good time with Hydra Castle Labyrinth [迷宮城ハイドラ] for the PC. It’s free if you want to download it. But be forewarned that it is in Japanese.


  • 大日本帝国万歳

    I hope Sony comes to its senses soon. Though it IS Sony, so I’m guessing not.
    Either way, Anonymous is clearly not going to see this fall through just yet, so there’s more trouble brewing ahead. Glad I got MK for 360.

  • Brefin

    I love how wherever you see a comment about the PSN being down, you always get unsupported and (usually) vicious allegations to the cause. Sources, people. We need sources. Don’t simply spew your hate at the world without backing it up.

    That being said, Thank you Mr. Napierski. I had just commented to my girlfriend not 30 minutes before this comic was posted on how I found it surprising that none of the many gaming comics I read had made a note of the dead PSN. I was even checking Dueling Analogs when I made said comment.

    /bow to your mind reading.

    • Don’t read Penny Arcade?

      • Brefin

        Oddly enough, that’s one of the more popular comics out there that I DON’T read.

  • MarkSWH

    The commentary under the comic reminded me of a piece I read on a blog… here it is, section “Psychological Power of Withering”
    It would have been better to have something more about that study. I find it fascinating, and in my case, true.

  • alhanelem

    sigh… and i just got a ps3 to…
    yeah im really late to the console wagon since i prefer pc games

  • Ragnak

    And that’s why I don’t own a nextgen console.

    • Kyono

      Agreed. Though I may have to cave on that, Persona 5 is gonna be on the PS3…. >.>

  • hiterhat

    good thing I’m too busy playing New Vegas to care about internet.

  • Brefin
  • Randomgamerdude

    This almost makes me glad I don’t own a playstation.
    …I hate my gaming life…

  • The Anarchyz

    Steve, you’re ripping off Penny Arcade XD

    About the subject, you should meet colombian hookers (for statistics people)

  • Tigercub

    Okayy! Seeing has how people just assume that something’s wrong with one of the biggest and best video game companies out there, let me spell something out for you guys. The Playstation Network was hacked last Tuesday. A hack which may effect seventy million users. Sony has been busy trying to fix the problem, and have said (as of yesterday) they estimate the problem will be fixed withing a week. People need to be patient that’s all. And for those of you who think the xbox is better here’s a thought: Have fun with the red ring of death. Me? I’m going to play Mortal Kombat and Final Fantasy games until my finger bleeds. I’m also going to play Zelda till my fingers bleed. (Even though I hate the Wii controllers).

    • anon