Rejected Mega Man Villains VIII [ COMIC ]

Every time I complete a Rejected Mega Man Villains I always think it will be my last. Granted, I do like putting them together I just assume I’m finally done. But I never am…

Believe it or not, emails about Rejected Mega Man Villains are in the top three kind of emails I get (the others are emails giving me obscure games I should do webcomics about… have any of you ever even heard of Chiki Chiki Boys besides me? I actually own it. And the others are slamming Sony. Its weird, I own a PSOne, PS2 and PSP but for some reason I give off the vibe I dislike Sony. How bizarre…).

Well, for those of you new to Dueling Analogs or those who may have missed the previous installments… here’s a link to the first Rejected Mega Man Villains, the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth and the seventh.

Oh, there’s a possibility that I might release a Rejected Mega Man Villains poster in the near future. This means you might finally be able to display Bukkake Man on you wall with pride. Let’s cross our fingers.

My little British buddy Ali Graham is running a week of guest strips on AfterStrife and I had the honor of being included. So, keep an eye on AfterStrife as my strip should be running over there tomorrow.

Lastly, a couple readers sent me a link RF Generation. Its a really cool website for tracking your video game collections. Plus they’ve got a very extensive list of system checklists of which I can say came in very handy for my collecting needs. Definitely check them out.