Starting from scratch… [ COMIC ]

How else do you explain that Mega Man has to begin every game with no boss weapons? You would think after the third or seventh time that Dr. Wily escapes that Dr. Light would be smart and let him keep them. Then again, by the eighth game if he had retained all the power ups, I doubt it would be Dr. Wily who was trying to take over the world.

For those of you new to Dueling Analogs you might not know that I am a BIG Mega Man fan. Here’s a link to my previous Mega Man comic and here’s to the latest Rejected Mega Man Villians (there’s six so far).

Side note… I just wanted to point out that even though this comic was done on Wednesday, it was so close to Thursday that I just labeled it as coming out then. That’s why it says January 4th and not 3rd.

Remember there is an off cycle comic this week. So I’ll see you guys on Friday!