Reggie Can’t Triforce [ COMIC ]

Thank God, it wasn’t to design the newest Pokémon.

I like the idea of being able to decide what will actually go viral on the net. I personally do not think it’s possible, but it’s an interesting concept. Personally, Dueling Analogs has had three webcomics that have truly gone viral and one video. There’s been other popular webcomics, but only a select view that I truly be consider viral. Just in case you were wondering which ones went viral, they are: Moot Point, How It Really Happened: Super Mario Bros, Classic v. Modern and the video was Super Mario Bros. Leftovers.

Still working on the King Kamehameha comic that I mentioned on Monday. And still hoping planning to have it done by next Monday. Cross your fingers!


  • David Herbert

    They should have the internet design the new 100 pokemon for the next game. Save some money and get some fresh ideas.

  • Boiled Pigeon

    They should finally let the Pokemons rest in peace and come up with something new…
    But I’m just a crazy hobo shouting to strangers about how all earth governments are aliens from Mars…

  • hobocrow

    is that really happening?

    • Oh God no! That would be a horrible idea. Funny, but horrible. A horribly funny idea.

  • Nuckel

    What Pigeon said, all of it.

  • Randomgamerdude

    They do have contests to decide the next name in both English and Japanese (all other languages are decided later, or not at all) Although I doubt someone would actually code it in there, there probably is some weirdo who suggests a name like that…

  • I don’t like any of the new Pokémon but I’ll be damned if I don’t go and get Black/White.

    • Ominous

      I agree with not liking the Pokemon. I like the type combinations and that but not how they look. It’s like these are all the reject bastard designs they had stored away, but are forced to use them cause they wanna save the better ones, if they have any better ones left, for later.

  • bidoopoo

    1st mistake, going to 4chan for a name for anything.

    2nd mistake, not “samefag-ing” the thread until they got the committee approved name they wanted in the first place.

  • Dragonsword

    assfuckchu sounds more like a form of ancient kickboxing than a bad pokemon…that said, this still is a REALLY funny scenario

  • Scott Hall

    “Personally, Dueling Analogs has had three webcomics that have truly gone viral and one video.”

    LOL @ unwarranted self-importance.
    Tone it down a bit, “How it really happened…” was the only one.

    • One, its called pertinent content. Two, I’ve got numbers that show that “Classic v. Modern” garnered the highest trafficked day and “Moot Point” got the most cross website exposure. Three, thanks for trolling.

    • Ryu

      “Going Viral really isn’t about self importance… In fact, on the internet, it’s kinda like whoring yourself out for a penny. Sure, you’ll get the most business, but it isn’t because you’re the best, it’s because it only cost a penny. Honestly, I’d rather remain an obscure nobody than to have most of the internet interested in me (unless I was getting paid for the notoriety).”

      “Now, that’s not a shot at Steve or Dueling Analogs, when you do enough comics, you’re bound to write something pretty hilarious, and something stupid enough to gather the idiot masses of the internet, at some point. I’d say, not one of the comics listed was even close to Steve’s best material.”

  • Chaos

    For some reason Assfuckchu seems to me like something that came out of Spore rather than Game Freak’s art department.

  • Dr. Tongue

    Also, keep Reggie the hell away from the Triforce.

    • Randall Monroe

      oh my god you’re so dumb, why can’t anyone be as smart as me? obviously, only steve and i are cool enough to know about 4chan.