Plowing to the Payers [ COMIC ]

I’m not arguing that the GameStop’s business model doesn’t make sense, because it does. In a time where downloading one’s games becomes more and more prevalent, they needed to do something to keep consumers coming in. And apparently harassing them to pre-order something every time they walk through the door wasn’t it.

Personally, not quite sure how I feel about a lot of the content you unlock from pre-ordering. For example, if you preordered Mass Effect 2 you unlocked the terminus armor. Which is considered the most powerful armor in the game. Great way to shorten the life on your $59.99 gaming experience. Now granted, it is up to the individual to how they use what they unlock by pre-ordering it. But come on… Giving a gamer access to some of the most powerful items in the game is like dangling a needle of heroin in front of a junkie’s face: you know they’re going to use it.

Sorry this isn’t the King Kamehameha comic that I previously mentioned. Still working on it. Hopefully it will be done soon…