The Lore of Pokémon X and Y [ VIDEO ]

Did this video just ruin Pokémon X and Y for me? Seriously, I haven’t played the game yet. Is the information from this video what would have originally compelled me to continue playing Pokémon X and Y or am I okay? It’s like knowing that Dr. Malcolm Crowe (Bruce Willis) is already dead before watching The Sixth Sense for the very first time. AND if this video did ruin the game for me and I in turn just shared it with thousands of people who might potentionally play Pokémon X and Y in the future, I am truly sorry. Don’t blame me, blame society.

source: YouTube


  • (ノ `Д´)ノ ~┻━┻ )`ν°)

    Thanks for spoiling the sixth sense, asshole

    • Dash12345678

      To be fair, if you’re the kind of person who pays close enough attention, you’re not unlikely to figure it out pretty quickly. I noticed early on that nobody besides the kid was talking to him. At one point early in the movie, it’s strongly implied that he was talking to the mother just before the kid entered, but if you’re paying attention, the mother didn’t even look in his general direction in that scene, before leaving the room. I made the connection in the immediately following scene, when he was supposedly having dinner with his wife, trying to talk through their problems, and she seemed to not hear a word he said, and rather than looking at him, she seemed to be looking through him.

  • Luffink

    Well… who plays Pokemon for the plot?

  • frostedWarlock

    Yeah pretty much everything in this video isn’t revealed in-game until after the 7th Gym. It spoiled essentially everything.