Growth Formula [ COMIC ]

I was very fortunate to be able to rerun a gaming themed yonkoma from one of Omake Theater‘s Friday 4Komas. In fact there have been two other gaming themed yonkomas over at Omake Theater so far: a Mega Man one and another one. Beside that there’s lots of other fun comics to check out as well, so please do.

So why am I fortunate to be able to rerun this comic? Well, besides some creative work I had to do on Friday night my weekend has virtually been a family packed event. Haven’t really had any time in between to do anything else. I briefly started on what I was planning to run today, but the comic is so long I’m not sure how many panels it’s even going to wind up being. So far the estimate is somewhere between 12 and 18. Plus, it’s one I’ve wanted to do for a long time now. So I definitely don’t want to rush it. Besides, as far as I can tell most of you have never seen today’s 4koma so it’s new to you. If not, it is in a different layout configuration than the original.

Regardless, I really want to get the comic I’m working on polished and launched by next Monday at the latest. Let’s just say it’s personal.