You got your Digimon in my Pokémon! [ VIDEO ]

I enjoyed this video much more than I should have.

Much, much more…

source: Dorkly


  • Katlamos

    Hehehe. Growing up I loved both, but yeah…. fuck the American version of Digimon. I’ve gone back and watched the original in recent years… it’s so much better as to be enjoyable and tolerable outside of being 12.

    • Mouser

      Where did you find the original? I’ve looked around in the past (few years back) and could only find the dubbed hack and slash ones. I saw plenty talking about a subbed uncut version but never any leads on where to see it. Guess I’ll go out hunting again.

  • Holy Dragoon

    It could get kind of annoying sometimes but i still loved Digimon World. I could deal with the bathroom breaks etc… but the combat was 90% based on luck it seemed. And when you finally got your super powerful ultimate level (or even champion sometimes) they would soon die after and you would be back to square one.

  • razor


    I about pooped too… from laughter… ‘^_^

    yeah, there’s a 12yo at the helm in my brain.