My Greatest Achievement [ COMIC ]

The close up strips (example 1 and example 2) I do always remind me of the Shedd’s Spread’s Country Crock “Hands Campaign” commercials.

Some of you may feel that fifty thousand is still a small enough amount of XBOX Live achievement points to still have a social life. To those, this comic is dedicated to you. That being said, if you appear on this page I both want to both commend and commiserate you. Seriously, wow but whoa… I joke about fifty thousand and these guys are almost pushing three hundred thousand. I, myself, have been perpetually one hundred points away from ten thousand. I just got GTA IV today. So that won’t be the case for much longer.

Did you see that the number five person is Japanese? That one single guy makes up all the sales that the XBOX 360 has in Japan.

On but off subject. Do you think anyone will ever hit one million during this generations actual life span? What is highest total achievement points anyone could even have right now if they had them all? Just wondering…