Making a List, Checking It Twice [ COMIC ]

Having worked more than my fair share of Black Fridays and Christmas Eves in retail over the years, I know that this would definitely not be an enjoyable situation to be on the receiving end of. But at the same time, I know I would definitely get a sense of Schadenfreude after learning that someone had actually done this to a GameStop employee.

The donation drive for a brand new Dueling Analogs everyday in January definitely ramped up a little bit this week. But there’s only one week left until January. Remember, if at least half the goal is reached by January I will still do more than the average amount of Dueling Analogs comics during the month, it just won’t be everyday unless the grand total is met. Thanks to everyone who has donated so far or bought something from during the month of December.

Thanks everyone. Have a Merry Christmas and I will see you back here on Monday.


  • Zok Wobblefotz

    I was a GameStop employee for almost a year, and though I understand what you mean (many of them ARE douchebags and many DO push reserves and subs) I have to say that if anyone were to have done that to me I would have kicked their ass out after 10 minutes. Our store was.. “special” thought =)

    Just saying… some GameStop employees are people too!

  • D-vid

    Schadenfreude? Does English not have an own word for that?

  • Lax

    GameStop has some of the coolest and friendly people I’ve ever met! It would be just plain evil of somebody tormenting them that way!

  • Since when have you started actually calling it GameStop in your comics? What happened to GeStapo?

  • @D-Vid: Yeah, the English word for Schadenfreude is HaHa!

  • Legacy

    Personally, when I was managing a gamestop, I would have had the rep do cleanup while he read, kept a single register opened, and at about 13 minutes past would have informed him he had 2 minutes before we officially closed. And then had him leave at 15 minutes past.

    Those things aren’t that big man, you can go over the entire book in 5 minutes. No one would just chill there while someone went over it for 2 hours.

  • GrammerNazi

    “I’ve got take care”

    English fail.

    Excuse the pedantry, I’m from the internet.

  • gelugon2105

    Ever the cruel commercial policy that is “The Customer is Always Right”.

  • Shadesof Grey

    Having worked at GameStop this Christmas Eve, I can say, this strip, and all people who perform such tasks, really pisses me off. We have families that we want to get home to and celebrate with. This year, my grandfather was in the hospital Christmas Eve into Christmas day, and because of people like this, I was unable to see him until the following day, which is especially sad because he was going in for heart surgery. This comic strip and its creator treats GameStop employees like some kind of robot army. Its a job, we do it to get paid. And don’t even get me started on every time a new t-shirt comes out. The news post is filled with the phrase ‘reserve this new t-shirt’ and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t see the irony in this.

    Normally, I’m a fan of this strip, but when it pulls off stuff like this, I can’t help but want to punch the creator in the balls.

  • bidoopoo

    But at the same time, I know I would definitely get a sense of Schadenfreude after learning that someone had actually done this to a GameStop employee. – Napierski


    And boy was that clerk pissed.

  • You can tell that people don’t go through the archives. I used to be a FuncoLand (precursor to GameStop) manager. I did my fair share of holidays at there and other retail locations.

    With that said, I still think it would be a funny turnabout is fair play situation. Instead of a GameStop employee keeping a customer from leaving when they want to, the customer is now doing the holding the employee back when they want to leave.

  • SoullessGamestopper

    Hey! I work at GameStop, this strip applies to me!

    Seriously though, if you come into my store and try that, I’m just going to let you :) I get paid to indulge your sycophantic whims. Welp, that sounded wrong.

  • A.L.

    I work for Wally World,people will do that to you anyway AND realize they are doing it and not care.That’s just how some people are.Also the strip reminds me of this a guy I know who reserves just about any game he dubs as “cool” or think he will like,and then play it once and not play it again.