Damned if You Do and Damned if You Don’t [ COMIC ]

Not sure if that sale is still going on or not. I went into one the countless GameStops in my area and picked up a few used games. In fact, I felt I actually got a pretty good deal. Devil May Cry (PS2), La Pucelle: Tactics (PS2), Dark Cloud (PS2), Star Ocean: Till End of Time (PS2), F-Zero: Maximum Velocity (GBA) and Drill Dozer (GBA) all for $26.21 including tax. But of those games and the five other titles I got for Christmas I have had the chance to only play one (1): Dark Cloud. And that I’ve only played for about three hours.

Time has honestly not been my friend for a good few years, but for some reason I keep buying new games with the intention of one day playing them. On my desk, right next to me, lie three unopened PS2 games I’ve had for years now (Rogue Galaxy, Suikoden Tactics and Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis). I do fully intend on playing them one day, but the reality of the situation is that said day may never come. But for some reason I keep buying them. Maybe it’s me grasping for this delusional hope or maybe it’s just a byproduct of consumerism that I am unable to break. Regardless I have now have hundreds of games that I have never played sitting in my house. But you know what? The gamer in me says, “That’s okay.”