The Buckley/Kurtz Conspiracy [ COMIC ]

You attend enough conventions you learn something: Tim Buckley and Scott Kurtz are never in the same place at the same time. Supposedly there’s some sort of animosity between them and they just don’t attend the same cons. Personally, I feel my explanation is much more plausible.

The donation drive for Dueling Analogs to update everyday in January is still going on. Not as far along as I would have thought judging by the shear number of you who visit the site on any given day. So as an added incentive, I’ve decided that even if the donation drive even reaches 50% of the goal by the end of the month I will still do something special for the month of January (which includes more updates… just not everyday unless the total reaches 100%). Also, if anyone is curious as to why the donation drive is specifically running, drop me a line. I have no problem going into the specifics about it I’d just rather not have them plastered on the site.

I’ll be back on Thursday for a Christmas Eve comic. See you then…


  • Numb

    I’m 99% certain the conflict has something to do with Tim Buckley being a giant fucktard.

  • Half o the rum

    At least Buckley’s fucktardism could be blamed on the retardation of youth. Kurtz is just a giant douche who likes to regularly shit on his fans.

  • B^U


  • A.L.

    Wow you really don’t like Tim Steve,but I thought you liked Scott?

  • B^U


  • Xander

    This is undeniably the truth.

  • Buckley only does one con, Connecticon. And I don’t attend that con. So we’ll really never see each other. I think the man is an art criminal, so the first part of this strip is VERY accurate. But let me say something in Tim’s defense. The guy never badmouth’s me. Despite me going off about him, he keeps his shit to himself. Only once in a while do I push him to respond. He’s the bigger man in this conflict (metaphorically).

    I like the strip though, in a we-hate-in-others-what-we-see-in-ourselves kind of way.

  • @A.L. I don’t have a problem with Scott Kurtz. It’s just a comic. I’ve never actually met Kurtz, though. He does real comic conventions, while my audience gravitates towards anime cons.

  • Ha ha ha ha, well played, sir.

  • chocobochicken

    Wait–who’s wearing the Tim Buckley suit?

  • The Dude

    The guy wearing the Tim Buckley suit is obviously Steve himself, duuuh :P
    That would make the conspiracy all the more interesting.

  • The point of the strip is that Tim Buckley is his own anti-fandom. Genius, pure genius :P

  • A.L.

    @Steve-I get it and see what you did there.Still,I’m unsure of what the conflict is between him and Kurtz,but I do know the reason why alot of folks don’t like Buckley,at most obvious ones anyway,and most of it that is has stemmed from was that one story arc he did back in spring 08.Understandable,but still it’s not liking a comic,but some folks take it to extremes.

  • SecondTomorrow

    @A.L. I actually don’t mind the comic, but Buckley does come off as a big douche most of the time for some reason. But people have hated him for FAR longer than the arc in ’08.

  • Sean L.

    I’ve met Tim Buckley and attended a few of the panels he did at Connecticon. He was extremely nice to myself and everyone I went with, and I enjoy the hell out of his comic. I have no reason to bash the guy personally…but I can understand why people wouldn’t like him based on stories I’ve heard. I guess I base my opinion of people off of personal experience with them, rather than saying “I hate Tim Buckley because I heard from a guy who knows a guy who thinks he’s a douche”.

  • A.L.

    @Sena and Second-Kinda may sentiments,from the time I was reading the comic he didn’t come off as a jerk or anything.I just kinda got turned off after that arc ended,and then the fallout from it.I’m probably going to start up reading it again soon,but I want to go through the archive so I know what’s going on.To be honest I got a whole slew of comics whose archives I need to go through so I can be caught up on everything instead of going “huh?” all the time when I see something I don’t understand.

  • Chibi-Acer

    I’m not a fan of Scott Kurtz. I don’t think his comics are funny. They kind of strike me as a gamer version of Dilbert, only not as good. From what I’ve heard, Scott doesn’t care what other people think, which is fine. So I don’t hate the guy, but not too keen on liking him either

    Tim Buckley’s comics regularly make me laugh, and I like his current art style. End of story.

  • @Chibi-Acer Personally, I enjoy PvP and I enjoy Ctrl+Alt+Del as well. I expect different things from different webcomics, so I’m never disappointed.

  • Cephas

    Personally, I can’t stand CAD. Buckley can’t seem to decide whether he wants his comic to be funny one-shot strips or massively long, boring, and unfunny story arcs about characters that I don’t care about. I flipped through a bunch of recent comics and the last non-story comic was in October.

  • Runicblade

    Wanted to buy some stuff from bigboombomb, but the only payment method it gave me was paypal, which i do not have.

  • Baarogue

    I’ll second what Cephas said. When Buckley does one-shots, I usually find myself laughing quite heartily (LQH is the new LOL. pass it on) but they’re so few and far between I refuse to slog through the miles of storyarc crap to get to them. I have a friend that follows CAD and he usually links me the funny ones when they come – about once every other month or so.

    As for THE storyarc I think A.L. is referring to, a lot of people thought he was a douchebag before that. The storyarc just brought a lot MORE into that camp. ^_^

  • @Cephas My guess is that Buckley is tired of doing a standard gaming comic and wants to expand the strip in a different direction. The problem is that is either not his strength or not what his audience wants. And as such, we’re left in the current situation.

  • coughman

    my only problem with Scott K. is that he keeps ending his story arcs prematurely, but otherwise i can respect his work ethic and the fact that he hand draws his comics every day, arguably he might have a “big head” but if you were one of the biggest and oldest names in webcomics you probably would too

    but TIM FUCKLEY on the other hand, is a pompous douche who i cant stand in the least
    Copy and paste artwork
    CONSISTENTLY unfunny
    oh and lets not forget

    say what you want about kurtz, at least you can respect his work, but B^Uckley has only stood to piss off the internet as a collective, NOTHING he does is respectable, so much as MENTIONING another webcomic on his forums gets you banned. oh and criticism? ive seen 12yr olds on DA who’ve taken criticism better

    you know im only stretching this page out, ill let our friends at SA handle this

    good day

  • Jakk Frost

    My understanding is that Buckley switches between story arc and one-shots to keep from getting burned out on doing either kind too much. It’s one way to keep things fresh. Sure you can say that some people do full-time one-shots or full-time story arcs all the time with no problem, but not everyone’s the same. I could point out several webcomics that try to stick to one format and the creator winds up constantly late with updates, from a few hours to weeks at a time, or they quit altogether. Buckley knows his limitations and what works for him so that he can keep doing what he does.

    As for the Tim Buckley-Scott Kurtz “feud”, I had no clue there even was one, let alone what it’s about, so I can’t speak to that.

  • Dark_T_Zeratul

    It’s funny. I don’t know what it is about Tim Buckley, but I see more vitriol, more spite, more pure unadulterated hatred than I see for any other webcomic. It’s exceedingly rare that someone “just doesn’t like CAD.” If they did, I could understand. Different strokes and all that, not everyone likes the same stuff. Nothing wrong with that. But the vast, VAST majority of his detractors can’t simply dislike it. It’s like there’s some sort of requirement that if you don’t like it, you have to despise the artist and everything he’s ever done and shout, loud and clear, with no fewer than three swear words, that he is the worst piece of filth ever to crawl out of the gutter and that his artwork is on par with that retarded kid you knew in the third grade. While I can understand why people might not care for his strip, and I can understand from the stories I’ve heard why people might not like the artist, I simply can’t wrap my brain around such intense detestation everyone has, and why 90% of these people believe wholeheartedly that anyone who disagrees is a moron. Especially since most of the complaints people have about the art could (in my opinion) just as easily be aimed at a great many other webcomics out there.

  • Steve – Good comic.
    Scott – Nice response.
    Half o the rum – Don’t be a dick in the name of others.

  • Escushion

    As a member of a certain forum, I want to say Fuck You to Half of the rum, you don’t represent us.

  • Krisken

    Most definitely doesn’t represent us. Half of the rum should not pretend to represent a particular forum.

  • I dont read CAD OR PvP. I tried reading a few strips of CAD but daaaamn, when my friend said it’s more like reading a novel with pictures he was not kidding. and I have no idea why I dont read PvP. I have seen a few of his strips and I liked the art and the humor, but somehow I just never got that into it. Maybe someday I will :) Like I said, I like the art and the humor so why I am not reading it right now is a mystery to me.

    But about the drama I cant say crap. I have no idea what it is about. I have nothing against Buckley, I just dont like the comic, so I wont read it. Simple as that.

    Only thing I know about Scott is what I heard in the ELR podcast he was in some time ago and what I heard there he sounds like a funny fellar :)

  • You all know who wears the Tim suit.
    ChristianLG out ;)

  • wordswordswords

    In fairness, Scott hasn’t shown his cock to underage fans, while Tim…

  • Jakk Frost

    “I tried reading a few strips of CAD but daaaamn, when my friend said it’s more like reading a novel with pictures he was not kidding.”

    I’m sorry, but that right there is proof-positive of the growing A.D.D. nature of the current generation…

    If you think a webcomic is like a novel with pictures and that makes you dislike it, I strongly suggest you avoid things like actual novels. You might blow a gasket.

  • #Jakk Frost A bit harsh of you ^^
    All I’m saying is he could try to pack the thing a bit tighter, if I want to read a novel, I will read an actual novel :)

    And it’s obvious you are a fan of his so I wont go further than this.

  • Oh and merry christmas ^^

  • Dear Half o the Rum,

    STFU. That is all.

    -Dave (Edrondol)

  • Valiente

    I’ll give you a good reason.


    nuff said.

  • Valiente

    I’ll give you a good reason.

    The guilds, The Rapscallions and Panda Attack on the Dark Iron server of WoW. Big thanks to Scott for letting us get back on our feet, and a big thanks to Tim for getting this rag tag group of gamers together. Too bad it had to end the way it did.


  • whatever

    Whoever dislikes tim or CAD is 100% moron. Happy holidays everybody.

  • Jakk Frost

    @Slaverstrike ~ Well I can’t say I’m a fan of his, I don’t know anything about the guy. Nor do I know anything about Scott Kurtz. I do enjoy CAD, but that’s neither here nor there. My observation, while maybe a bit harsh it’s true, was in general. I didn’t really mean to aim it at you specifically, so I’m sorry for that, but the sentiment you conveyed, “novel with words” just kinda made me have to “stop and stare”.

    Anyways, hope you had a Merry Christmas too. :)

  • PunkrawkBbob

    I used to enjoy PVP, until I e-mailed Kurtz one time and he was a complete cunt to me. Removed his site from my bookmarks and haven’t considered it since. Never really made me laugh, but was interesting.

    CAD Makes me laugh, but when he goes into story-telling mode he needs to either make the story shorter, or make the comics more frequent. Taking 3 months to resolve a story that is given with 6 minutes of material a week is hard to stay into.

    Dueling Analogs on the other hand, is always a delicious piece of one-shot pie. =)

  • Jaybonaut

    Buckley is a jerk. The showing of his genitals story for one, and he was a jerk to me directly via email. There is so much evidence of Buckley being a moronic wannabe besides what has been mentioned in the above posts and links, that he even takes up a big chunk of Encyclopedia Dramatica.

  • @Jakk Frost I said “a novel with pictures” not “a novel with words” now that would be just silly ^^ But yeah I get what you are saying :)