The Buckley/Kurtz Conspiracy [ COMIC ]

You attend enough conventions you learn something: Tim Buckley and Scott Kurtz are never in the same place at the same time. Supposedly there’s some sort of animosity between them and they just don’t attend the same cons. Personally, I feel my explanation is much more plausible.

The donation drive for Dueling Analogs to update everyday in January is still going on. Not as far along as I would have thought judging by the shear number of you who visit the site on any given day. So as an added incentive, I’ve decided that even if the donation drive even reaches 50% of the goal by the end of the month I will still do something special for the month of January (which includes more updates… just not everyday unless the total reaches 100%). Also, if anyone is curious as to why the donation drive is specifically running, drop me a line. I have no problem going into the specifics about it I’d just rather not have them plastered on the site.

I’ll be back on Thursday for a Christmas Eve comic. See you then…