Law and Pre-Order [ COMIC ]

I’ve been trying for sometime now to pre-order a Nintendo Wii… its not an easy task. So far I’ve only heard of two instances of Wii pre-orders. First was the pre-order that was closed after a few hours. Why? “…we did offer pre-orders for the Wii, however, the rate at which pre-orders came in dramatically outpaced what we had anticipated.” The other is the GameStop trade-in scam where you give them games and stuff you bought for more than $50 to simply put down $50 on the pre-order… shite. Besides those, I’ve gone through the motions… Best Buy, Circuit City, Wal-Mart, Target, GameStop and of course GameStop EB Games.

Remember when the PS2 was taking pre-orders? You could go to FuncoLand (now GameStop, a shell of its former self) in February and pre-order a system that came out in November. They explained to you “first come, first serve.” Why can’t they just do that now?