GameStop to Stop Selling Video Games [ VIDEO ]

I used to work at FuncoLand. FuncoLand was a fun place to shop at and to work for, too. It was also bought up and merged together with businesses like Babbage’s and Electronics Boutique in order to create GameStop. As an alumni of the cluster that is GameStop, I’m a little disappointed. Makes you wonder just how bad they are hurting in the physical media aspect of their business for this to be the most viable option.

Now if they close some GameStops near me, I’ll be fine. I live in the Southside area of Virginia. Around here we have over 25 GameStops in a 15 square mile area and that’s not even including stores on the Peninsula. But for a lot of smaller areas, this is really going to bite. I, personally, hope that these areas effected by the GameStop closings have smaller mom-and-pop stores, like Boogie2988 mentioned in the video, that they will still be able to visit. I know that I would rather visit one of my own mom-and-pop video game store, Video Game Heaven, over a GameStop anyday, but a lot of that has to do with me being a retro game collector.

Nonetheless, this is happening and there’s nothing we can do to prevent it. I just hope that GameStop’s restructuring doesn’t negatively impact too many of you out there when it happens.

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  • thewood

    Eh, fuck Gamestop anyway. They lost all of my respect when they quit carrying older systems and games. All the companies they bought out used to carry used NES games as well as games from every other generation. Then Gamestop happened and now you’re lucky if you can find games for the last generation. I like digital downloads, and I game on my laptop, so even though my home internet connection is limited to 3 Gigs a month, I can take my laptop to anywhere with free Wifi and download as much as I want. Also, if I want a physical copy I’m ok with ordering from Amazon, or I’ve always found Best Buy has good service anyway. I hope this move puts Gamestop out of business entirely. Fuck them, I don’t think they will be missed.

  • Alexander

    “Nonetheless, this is happening and there’s nothing we can do to prevent it.”

    Actually, there IS something we can do to prevent it. All we have to do is rally together and start spending a LOT more money at Gamestop stores, thus making them profitable again!!!

    …..I REALLY hope I don’t have to actually list any reasons as to why this is an absolutely horrendous idea and why we shouldn’t do it….

  • Blip

    Not surprising. I’m curious how many will be dropped in my town. Since I worked for them as well (part time job), I know at least which stores won’t be dropped (since they run fine).

    But it is a fact that more and more goes towards DLC and “on-demand”. And that is BS!

    Man, I do miss the video game store of my hometown…. The best video game store, now surrounded by GameStop. But it’s still keeping up. Why? Because it offers games, used games older than WiiU/XB-One/PS4/Vita/3DS and it was also a rental. Not only that, imports, service – and a good community.

    Did I already say that I miss the video game store of my hometown?

  • Callback

    If only they were really going anywhere. Gamestops are so common around here, we have 2 in the same mall and 1 right across the street from that mall.

    Why act like anything they do is good? Other stores may not be great for service, but a Gamestop employee will never help you. They are forced by the company to just ask you to A: switch out what you WERE going to pay for for a used copy instead, redirecting profits away from the publisher and devs and into their own pocket, B: preorder Call of Duty 17, because nobody would ever do so willingly, and C: upgrade to a paid membership to get their shitty magazine with more biased reviews than IGN.

    I hope the store DOES die. Gamestop is one of the top players in the death of the gaming industry. Still, they have enough experience from selling CoD around selling re-polished turds with neither any intrinsic value nor measurable improvements that they would probably do FINE in the iPhone industry.

  • Painstream


  • Raz

    This person needs to get his facts straight. I have talked to the particular branch of the store he mentions in the video. They are not closing. Also, this happens every year. The company closes several stores, while opening new ones. This is nothing new.