GameStop to Stop Selling Video Games [ VIDEO ]

I used to work at FuncoLand. FuncoLand was a fun place to shop at and to work for, too. It was also bought up and merged together with businesses like Babbage’s and Electronics Boutique in order to create GameStop. As an alumni of the cluster that is GameStop, I’m a little disappointed. Makes you wonder just how bad they are hurting in the physical media aspect of their business for this to be the most viable option.

Now if they close some GameStops near me, I’ll be fine. I live in the Southside area of Virginia. Around here we have over 25 GameStops in a 15 square mile area and that’s not even including stores on the Peninsula. But for a lot of smaller areas, this is really going to bite. I, personally, hope that these areas effected by the GameStop closings have smaller mom-and-pop stores, like Boogie2988 mentioned in the video, that they will still be able to visit. I know that I would rather visit one of my own mom-and-pop video game store, Video Game Heaven, over a GameStop anyday, but a lot of that has to do with me being a retro game collector.

Nonetheless, this is happening and there’s nothing we can do to prevent it. I just hope that GameStop’s restructuring doesn’t negatively impact too many of you out there when it happens.

source: YouTube