I Do Not Like Green Pigs and Birds [ COMIC ]

Could you eat them with a girl named Meghan?
I could not would not as I’m a vegan.

Today’s guest strip is done by Meghan Murphy of the adorably twisted webcomic Kawaii Not. I actually had the honor of meeting and enjoying the company of Meghan last year at AnimeUSA. Fun was had by all.


  • hobocrow

    why did the red birds have green eggs?

    • http://www.pierski.com Steve Napierski


    • PorkRoll

      For the same reason brown hens lay white eggs and white hens lay brown eggs. Duh!

      • Jeremy

        Shirley Corriher (internationally renowned culinary expert) writes in her book CookWise that the color of an egg is determined by breed, but more specifically you can determine the color of an egg for an individual chicken by looking at its ears. If you carefully push back the feathers on the sides of a hen’s head, you will see the hen’s ears. White ears correspond to white eggs. Reddish brown ears correspond with brown eggs. This correlation supposedly holds up for light green and bluish eggs, as well.

  • http://gameusagi.com MrMiyamoto

    It’s definitely pronounced “veegan”, not “vaygan”.

    • max

      it’s pronounced meh-gan not may-gan

  • http://scottthong.wordpress.com Scott

    Green ham and eggs… I thought of that reversal too.

  • http://www.rantersreview.blogspot.com Tormented Angel8

    I always wondered where green ham came from. o.o