Guest Strip by Krishna M. Sadasivam [ COMIC ]

Today’s guest strip was done by Krishna M. Sadasivam of The PC Weenies‘ fame and creator of the semi-autobiographical webcomic Uncubed… I so wish I would have used Uncubed‘s tag line first: The Life and Times of an Indian Guy named Krishna. Never before has a grouping of words summed up my very existence so neatly. Rerailed, it was an honor to have Krishna do a guest strip for Dueling Analogs. I’ve been reading The PC Weenies for quite some time now and have always enjoy the satirical PC humor. Thanks, Krishna for the comic… especially on such short notice.

Fun Fact: Did you know The PC Weenies predates Penny Arcade by almost a month? It’s true! The PC Weenies launched on October 21, 1998 and Penny Arcade launched on November 18, 1998. And now you know!

So I’ve been getting comfortable with the Cintiq this week. I’m already fine with doing my pencil sketches in Photoshop rather than paper… this saves a little time. I’m getting pretty close to having the inking in Illustrator where I really want it to be. Then I just need to finalize the coloring aspect. With five updates coming next week the learning process has to be expedited immensely. Make sure to stop by on Monday to see the results.