Harry, Can You Hear Me? [ COMIC ]

I laughed out loud when I saw the caption for today’s comic.

Nick Borkowicz: Special When Lit taught me many things I did not know about the origins of the gaming industry and left me captivated by pinball. Sure I could stay home and play Arkham City or Skyrim but now I would rather find an arcade and learn how to juggle a multiball on two flippers for 25 cents. So awesome. If you have streaming Netflix, you can find it there.

As you can guess from the quote above, today’s guest strip was done by Nick “Ghostfreehood” Borkowicz the creator of Oh, Perilous World and one of the guys behind the equally as awesome event Super Art Fight. I really appreciate him taking the time to create today’s guest strip. And I also included the trailer for Special When Lit below.


  • Mr_Jenkins

    I’ve never done this before…first? :o

    I lawl’d. Love chubby Harry. XD

  • monkey

    “laughed at loud”, really? You LAL’d?

  • Redwar

    I hope this becomes a t-shirt :D

  • NickNackGus

    Silly interviewer. If they met the right women, they would have a larger collection of pinball machines!

  • Anony

    Just want to check, but are we in Guest Month?

    • Yup, just wanted to try not announcing it this year. Last year I switched from titling the comics “Guest Strip by…” and they were actually more successful. This year I wanted to see what happened when I didn’t mention the month.

      • Anonymous

        So is it Guest Month or Guest “Month” like last year?

  • Tremeos

    It’s cool lookin’ but, it’s kinda creepy too. :]

  • Michael from DK

    Anyone else reading this in Hagrids voice? Love it :)

  • s1h4d0w

    IT’S… oh wait, it isn’t over 9000.

    Sorry, my bad.

  • SpontyMadness

    Sure plays a mean pinball.