Turtles in a Half-Hearted Game [ COMIC ]

In regards to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Smash Up (TMNT:Smash Up) Craig Harris of IGN said it’s “a Smash Bros. clone, but it makes you want to play Smash Bros. instead.” And a Super Smash Bros. Brawl clone this definitely is. Hell, part of the staff who made this game were from Game Arts. The same Game Arts who helped in the preliminary development of the actual Super Smash Bros. Brawl itself.

Where Super Smash Bros. Brawl is full of Nintendo history and random goodness, TMNT:Smash Up way too limiting. There’s not enough characters nor unlockables and doesn’t add anything new to the mix. You would this with all the comics, cartoons and previous video games they could have been a cornucopia of TMNT content. But it wasn’t. Pretty much limited to what appeared in the 2007 TMNT animated movie. Boring… They could have had added some much other cool stuff. Like unlockable skins of the turtles from the different series (original comic, 1987 series, 2003 series, live action movies, etc…). That would have been awesome onto itself.

So, if Super Smash Bros. Brawl had never existed, TMNT:Smash Up would be considered a much better game. Then again, if Super Smash Bros. Brawl had never existed, Ubisoft would have never tried to copy it in making TMNT:Smash Up in the first place. Catch 22. And that’s a catch-22 and not a rule 34.

Actually, what they should have done or need to do is create a version based on the upcoming movie Turtles Forever. That’s basically going to have most of the stuff I just described in it. For example Bebop, Rocksteady, Tokka, Rakzar, Ultrom Shredder and Krang all in the same movie. It’s an interesting concept to say the least. One I hope that is executed well.


  • That’s a lot o’ turtle

  • J

    Aw, looks like they aren’t using the original series voice actors. Neat idea, just wish they could go all the way with it.

  • Slightly off-topic, but I don’t like the Turtles Forever poster. Specifically the 2003 turtles at the front. The 1987 turtles should be at the front!

    They’re lacking personality. Too serious.

  • Oh, yeah. Don’t forget Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Supermutants: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGMfb60lc14

  • A.L.

    Just looked up Catch 22 sense I never heard of it before.Seems like either way you looked at it,Ubisoft would be screwed out of making cash and we’d be screwed out of a Smash Brothers game.And I think my brain is slightly hurting.Anyway,I didn’t really think it was going to be that good of a game even though I tried to get my hopes up alittle when I started reading Mutant Ninja Turtles Gaiden last week and noticed the poll they were running for it.Hell,I actually thought it was a bad idea when I saw my store carrying strategy guides for the game before I read MNT Gaiden.I need to stop second guessing myself,and I hope the movie doesn’t suck.

    In other news,when are you going to start updating Outer Circle again Pierski?

  • A.L. That’s a very good question. I really do need to bring that to a close. Maybe after my new project launches. It’s taking a lot of time and resources to get it going. Want to make sure it’s polished before I share it with the world.

  • I pretty much agree with all you’ve said, but, and that’s a big but, they say the online is way better than Brawl.

    Can anyone re-confirm this to me, please?

  • Miles Tormani

    BigLord, it’d be harder for the online to be worse than Brawl’s. :P Brawl’s online mode was garbage. Terrible lag, choices felt like they had no purpose (like, say, even if three players said “All items,” the one person who wanted no items would get what they wanted), and after awhile, everyone used Meta-Knight almost exclusively.

  • Ward

    You may have noticed this, but there’s actually 3 sets of Ninja Turtles in that poster.

  • alfonso

    Re: J – 87 Actors

    They tried to get the 87 actors and music, but the person who owns that series has no love for TMNT these days. Mirage/Laird don’t have any control over the original series so despite their involvement with the most recent series some things weren’t possible.

    Re: Psytrese

    To be fair, the movie is part of the 2003 series, not the 87, so that’s the main reason the 03’s are up front. But I hope you took a good look at the background…

  • @Ward

    Holy cow, that’s right o_O HOW MANY TURTLES ARE THERE!?

    Dear God this is like Doctor Who all over again.

    @Miles: I only played brawl with friends, it isn’t rewarding (or heck, even possible) to play random matches.

  • Tinq

    If you really, really are honest with yourselves you’ll realize that the original Turtles Spinoff (the ’80s show) was not too great. It was the same kind of garbage all our other nostalgic hits were. Even as a kid, I would notice WHEN THEY GOT THE COLORS wrong on those damned turtles.

    I think the best move for TMNT at this point, in terms of games, would we a brawler focused on co-op. But, then, I don’t make video games, so my opinion doesn’t really count for much.

  • Savanti Romero

    TMNT Smash-Up was a good game, but it coulda been much better. “Turtles Forever” looks like a fun movie. I was wondering why the new season of TMNT: Back to the Sewer wasn’t on.

  • Savanti Romero

    Also you can see a lot in the poster

    The Image Comics Turtles shadows on the building above Leonardo (87’s) head.

    Shredder and Tatsu from TMNT 1 and 2 (or Possibly Hun) above Raph’s (87’s) head.

  • Ninjinister

    Smash-Up wasn’t a terrible game… it was just sad in the regards of how it didn’t reach its potential as a cross-universe Turtles game. 2K3 characters (plus Nightwatcher) with 2K7 designs does not really work, especially since they still eschewed many characters that had potential even just from the universe(s) used, such as Hun, Triceratons, Bishop, Leatherhead, Stockman, et cetera.

    Plus the Rabbids. What the heck was that all about? Stupid Ubisoft. If you wanted your own characters in a fighting game, you should have made UbiBrawl.

    @Psytrese: Lacking personality? SERIOUSLY? Have you watched more than two episodes? What the flip, man?

    @Savanti Romero: Negative. That’s Mirage Turtles on the right, ’87 Shredder and Krang on the left.