Stupid Street Fighter Comics [ COMIC ]

Man, this guest strip was done by Carter Fort and Paul Lucci the team behind The Crooked Gremlins could not have come at a more perfect time. I’m currently working on something that I have very little time to do and this helped to give me just a little more time to do it. Thanks guys!

So what am I working on? Well, it’s the single most requested piece of merchandise you guys have ever asked me to create and I’m trying really hard to get it done in time for Otakon. That should be a big enough hint.

And speaking of merchandise, don’t forget that the Koopa shirt is still available to preorder on until the end of the month.

Lastly, for sake of additional linkage, and because I also think it’s relevant to this strip, an older Street Fighter comic I did a couple years back.


  • BigLord

    Arcade edition = featuring Penny Arcade. I lol’d xD

  • Chaos


  • Otis

    Tron references are cool!

  • blackguard


  • lulz

    rofl it’s funny because consolegames are never good at all! xD

    • MaddBoy

      Rofl this comment is funny because PC gaming is a dying industry as everyone just pirates them :D
      also street fighter is for the PC in July

      • Chaos

        Yeah I can’t wait to shell out needless money for half-assed DLC and updates every week!

        • wathever

          and i can’t wait to see the next reply to this stupid discussion

  • I had not seen that older strip. I figured someone had made a joke like this before. Of course it was you!

  • Shaows

    Just something random, but I thought it would be funny if the picture of the gamer in the last frame had him turn into a Prinny for no reason.