Security Detail [ COMIC ]

When you are talking about webcomics, supposedly Scott McCloud’s is synonymous with the topic. I disagree. When I think of webcomics I think of Ryan Estrada… the guy has his hand in everything. From his numerous comics and various projects, to Director of Ceremonies for The Web Cartoonist’s Choice Awards, to drug trafficking, to Michael Vicks’ illegal dogfighting scandal and of course this guest strip. So when I found out that he was celebrating his site’s fourth year anniversary as well as the fact that he became a full time cartoonist, I was jealous. Then when he gave me this guest strip, I became emotionally neutral. Still, he deserves some props. So head over to his site and to artist commune that he started in Mexico and share some love. Congratulations, Ryan.

On a different topic, after last Monday’s comic I started looking into and discussing the idea of donations with other webcomic artists… Maritza Campos specifically was a big help. I saw webcomics who were simply excepting donations, to those offering desktops and other things, but a few were offering additional comics if a goal was met. And that appealed to me. I was thinking about having a donation drive and every time the total is met (which I was thinking $400 US which equates to $1 US for 1 in every 40 people who visit the site) I would add a third comic to that site that week. And the person who donated the largest amount would decide the game or theme of the strip (top five donations would appear beneath the total). I wanted to gage your opinions on the topic before I did anything. So email me or post in the forum and let me know what you think.

Lastly, buy Fluxx. This game is friggin’ awesome and only $14 US online.