Super Mario Strike [ COMIC ]

This is why they made Wii Bowling instead of Super Mario Bowling. Mario, Mario, Mario…

Side note, I was originally going to have a name tag on Mario’s shirt and have it say Jesus. But Samus and Kirby were larger in the final versions than they were when I originally sketched them out, so I decided against it. Would have been cool though.

Not really much else to discuss right now. I appreciate all the webcomic links that people sent me. I wish I had the time to respond to them all personally, but I didn’t. I can tell you that I did check them all out and I think I have a few new daily reads. Thanks everyone.

Lastly, I say ignore the bad reviews and give Lair for the PS3 a chance. Julian Eggebrecht made a good point, on the EGM podcast, when he said that hardcore gamers had a harder time with the controls. I can actually see that. Take Wii Sports for example… I’ve seen people who never play video games pick Wii Bowling and bowl like a champ. While seasoned veterans to video games pick it up and have a steep learning curve. They’re trying to play it more like a video game and less like bowling. That’s the problem. Granted there aren’t a lot of dragons flying around these days. I could see a casual gamer playing the game like riding a horse. While a hardcore gamer would handle it more like they were pulling taffy. The SIXAXIS is pretty sensitive, there’s no need for over the top movements. Plus this is Factor 5, you know Rogue SquadronRogue Squadron I think that alone earns them a second look. Play it and then decide for yourself.