Guest Strip by Onezumi Hartstein [ COMIC ]

I really want to thank Onezumi for supplying me with today’s guest strip. This couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. Between last weekend and this weekend I am tired and swamped with stuff to do. So make sure to show some appreciation by checking out her comic here and also her blog here. Thanks a bunch.

Now as far as Dig Dug Asteroids as a movie. What the hell? Are you telling me that Hollywood is so hard up for movie ideas that a thirty year old game arcade game is one of the few viable option? You need a good science fiction movie that takes place in outer space as an idea for a movie? I got one for you. How about Galaxy Quest 2? There’s an idea for movie with already established characters and a good ensemble cast.

But my guess is that Hollywood is more interested in the awesome plot elements that Asteroids has to offer. Like how when the triangle shoots the asteroids they get smaller. Or maybe how if you go off the screen you’ll appear on the other side. What about how you can push the controller in one direction and keep accelerating faster and faster? And most of all how it gets old after a couple minutes of playing and you just decide to crash your ship triangle in an asteroid so you can call it quits. I can see that being really entertaining.

Hey, numb nuts in Hollyweird! Sinistar was another space shooter. It’s also a lot more recent than Asteroids so you know the kids will still think it’s hip. Plus, you have a real villain, too. Mother F’ing Sinistar! And that evil alien demon head is like friggin’ Unicron and Galactus all rolled into one. What’s wrong Hollywood? Do you fear Sinistar’s insatiable appetite. You weaklings. Run Cowards!!!

Don’t forget to stop by at see me at Otakon this weekend. I will be sitting right here. And if you bring old retro video games I just might take them from you and offer to sell you something in return. Hell, I’m in such a good mood I’ll sell you stuff even if you don’t bring and video games… but it helps.