Guest Strip by David Tekiela [ COMIC ]

David Tekiela the creator of Comet7 a.k.a. the creator of Kristy vs. the Zombie Army a.k.a. creator of Washed Ashore created today’s guest strip. I’ve been a fan of Comet7 for a few years now and was very pleased when David excepted my offer to do a guest strip for Dueling Analogs. He had already done guest strips for the outer circle on three different occasions (I had a chance to do a guest strip for Comet7 once, too), but had yet to create one for Dueling Analogs before… until now. I highly recommend checking out David’s plethora of online creations and out of the box sense of humor which is fits right up my alley.

So… running guest strips this week is a little bit of an impromptu sort of thing. True, I did request guest strips from a few of my friends. But I intended them to run next week. Unfortunately, yet most fortunately, the Cintiq 12WX donation drive met it’s goal last week and should be arriving tomorrow. With that I promised that the week after I received the 12WX would have five comics in it. So, I’m running the guest strips this week so that I can get all five of next week’s comics done in time. Thanks again, to everyone that donated. And I will be contacting everyone who donated $50USD or more to find out what they wanted for their custom character art. This should be fun!