Guest Strip by Don Fox [ COMIC ]

Thanks to the support of the webcomic community, this is going to be an impromptu guest strip week. I’ll be honest with you, between the moving and getting the outer circle book finished (Don’t forget to pre-order and save 10% off of the cover price!)… I am completely exhausted. So getting a week off is greatly welcomed.

Today’s guest strip was from Don Fox of Cherrybombs and Poetry and Titus and Mal. I’ve known Don for quite sometime now. To prove it, back in July of ’05 I created this comic from the outer circle it makes reference to the sandwich of forgetfulness. Which was a joke from one of Don’s previous comical ventures… okay, that basically just proves I known who he is for a while. None the less, I really appreciate him stepping up to the plate and creating this guest strip for Dueling Analogs. Thanks Don, you’re the man!

There still might be one more guest strip before the week’s over, but that’s still in the air. Regardless, next week will still be Wilson Week and you’ll definitely want to check that out.